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My Mother And Other Strangers On GPB Now

My Mother and Other Strangers follows the Northern Irish family, the Coyne’s, and their neighbors as they try to maintain a stable life after a United Army Air Force (USAAF) airfield, with 4,000 servicemen and women, sets in the middle of their rural parish.


In the first episode, Rose meets Captain Dreyfuss. When her daughter Emma falls for an airman, Rose takes a stand against the locals who want revenge.


In episode 2, Francis goes poaching but his adventure on the lough ends in trouble for the Hanlons. Barney continues to try to gain Emma’s affections but she may have her eyes on the new guy in town. Rose stands up for justice and becomes a local hero after Captain Dreyfuss give her a book.


You can find more upcoming episodes of My Mother and Other Strangers on and on the GPB Now App.