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Tune In To Watch Grantchester On GPB

Grantchester tells the story of Sidney Chambers, a clergyman becomes an investigator after one of his parishioners die under suspicious circumstances. With his partner, police inspector Geordie Keating, the two begin a friendship as they work together.


Sunday June 18, at 9 PM,  Grantchester will set off their season 3 premiere. But before that, Thursday June 15, from 11:30 into the late night is a mini marathon of Grantchester on GPB TV; here’s a list of some of the shows episodes to pique your interests:


In season 2, episode 1 of Grantchester, Sidney becomes a suspect in a murder alongside a priest, a photographer and the victim’s classmate. A classic case of ‘who done it?’ Tune in and see what happens.


In Season 2, episode 4, Sidney performs an exorcism after an apparent suicide. Meanwhile, Gary, a mentally-challenged teenager, goes on trial for the death of Abigail in a well-meaning accident.


In Season 2, episode 5 Gary’s fate has been sealed but Geordie testifies to try to save Gary’s life but fail and it drives him to drink.


You can catch the new upcoming season 3 episodes on GPB or the GPB Now App, Sunday, June 18.