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Watch Victorian Slum House Online

Victorian Slum House is a show where modern families re-create life in the 1860 to 1900’s as East London’s urban poor during the Victorian era. Every episode is a different decade with a new task for the participants. Check out all of season one on or the GPB Now App.

1860s: Participants move into a tenement made of sparse rooms, a shared water pump and outhouses. They try to make a living by matchbox making, wood turning and the rag trade. Watch online to see if they can make ends meet.

1880s: In this episode the participants deal with upper class visitors go to the Victorian slums as tourists. Despite the intolerable conditions and high unemployment people flock to London for work. How will the participants get out of this one? Watch to find out.

1890s: Some of the participants catch a break when mass manufacturing and social reform bring in a new era. But other residents are plagued by a water shortage that destroys any possibility of a promising laundry business.


You can watch the whole season of Victorian Slum House on or the GPB Now App.