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Coastal Conversations: PULSE Art + Technology Festival at Telfair Museums

This week the Jepson Center hosts the Pulse Art and Technology Festival. Harry Delorme, the Senior Curator of Education for Telfair Museums, joined us to share some highlights of this annual event. He says exhibits and...

by J. Cindy Hill | January 6, 2017

Coastal Conversations: MLK Parade with a Tybee Twist

Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Tybee Style

by | January 5, 2017

Hidden History: the First Contentious U.S. Election and the Georgian at the Heart of It

Georgia Historical Society, which is based in Savannah, is the keeper of stories and documents about the people and events that have shaped our state. Senior Historian Stan Deaton shares the story of the first...

by | January 5, 2017

Support GPB: The Kistlers

Educating young minds is a top priority at PBS and your support helps us provide family friendly programming. Shows like, Sesame Street, Wordgirl, and Odd Squad not only entertain children, but teaches them subjects...

by Ashley Rucker | February 18, 2016

Support GPB: Shahara's Roots

PBS has many great programs that educate, inspire and explore. By supporting GPB, we are able to provide many shows like Finding Your Rootsthat will stimulate the mind. Become a member today. Throughout Shahara’s...

by Ashley Rucker | February 18, 2016

Support GPB: Inspired by NOVA

NOVA is one of many educational programs we bring to you and your family. With your support GPB can continue to provide you with quality programing. A young man, whose family moved from Puerto Rico to Pennsylvania,...

by Ashley Rucker | February 18, 2016

Support GPB: Karen

PBS Kids teaches kids many subjects both academics and values. Shows like Author and Clifford: The Big Red Dog teaches kids about friendship and respect. While shows like Oh Noah! can teach kids different languages...

by Ashley Rucker | February 18, 2016

Support GPB: Jose's Dream

A fan of arts and culture? PBS has many programs that brings refined entertainment into your home with programs like Live at Lincoln Center, and In Performance At The White House. Jose came from a family of seven...

by Ashley Rucker | February 18, 2016

Support GPB: David's Story

PBS Newshour provides unbiased, transparent news for viewers who want to stay informed. By supporting GPB not only can we provide television programs, but we also provide news content you can access anywhere. David...

by Ashley Rucker | February 18, 2016