This weekend a new interactive exhibit titled “Fast Forward: Dystopia” opens at the Indigo Sky Gallery. Artist and activist Leah Blair, a SCAD fiber arts student, says she wanted to get involved with the local arts scene in a way that shared her own interest in the environment.

“A lot of people don’t know that textile waste is the second largest contributor to waste in the country,” said Blair. “A lot of textiles are actually made from plastics and are not biodegradable and that’s why it’s problematic. So, trying to make work that draws connections between the things we put on our body, the things we consume, how we dispose of them and thinking about the effects they have on the environment.”

“I think one of the hardest things about severe climate change is that it’s large-scale, it’s abstract, we’re often hit with a lot of scientific data in order to understand it, and that’s a hard thing for people to wrap their minds around,” noted Lisa Junkin Lopez, who is co-coordinating the exhibit with Blair. “That’s where I think the arts can play a really important role. They can make it visceral, they can make it personal, they can play with emotions around global climate change.”

Blair hopes the exhibit sparks a larger movement within the community, “We are working not only with scientists, but also other artists and organizations within the community and inviting the community to come and participate in it and add their own perspective and hopefully start this dialogue about how we can create this resilient community in face to these global climate change issues.”

Click here for more information about “Fast-Forward: Dystopia,” on exhibit Saturday and Sunday, May 20 & 21, at Indigo Sky Gallery.

Hear more of our conversation with Leah Blair in the audio link below.

Hear more of our conversation with Lisa Junkin Lopez in the audio link below.