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Fort Pulaski Celebrates National Park Week with Free Admission & Events

Photo credit: Sam Chapman Clark.

National Parks Week kicks off this weekend, April 15, and continues through April 23. Fort Pulaski National Monument is celebrating with events, free admission and Ranger Day this weekend, and more free admission days next weekend.

“Folks can come out and enjoy the fort, enjoy the resources outside the fort and really kind of get a taste of what Fort Pulaski is all about,” said Joel Cadoff, chief of interpretation and visitors services for Fort Pulaski. “It’s a massive masonry fortress. Construction began in 1829. The reason it’s constructed is Washington is burned by the British in August of 181. Fort Pulaski is a reaction of how we want to protect not only our families, our communities – it’s how we want to protect our nation.”

“Savannah, because it was a growing commercial port in the 19th century, when we’re talking about rice and indigo, cotton – cotton is king – so these are commercial interests that they want to protect,” Cadoff explained. “Strategically, Savannah’s an amazing city with a huge history. During the American Revolutionary War they fight over Savannah.”

But the Fort’s military history is only part of Pulaski’s story.

“Fort Pulaski National Monument is 5,000 plus acres,” Cadoff explained. “Cockspur Island, which the Fort is, is only a few hundred acres. Most of the Monument is actually all of that saltwater marsh that you see coming out from Savannah heading out to Fort Pulaski and also to Tybee Island. So it’s a bigger story and it’s a fully encompassing story of not only our cultural history but our natural history.”

In celebration of National Park Week, Fort Pulaski will offer free admission for everyone on Saturday and Sunday, April 15 & 16 and April 22 & 23, between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, April 15, is also Junior Ranger Day. Click here to learn more

Hear more of our conversation with park Ranger Joel Cadoff, including the biggest misconception about the design of Fort, in the audio link below.