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Hidden History: What You May Not Know About Juliette Gordon Low

Juliette Gordon Low (L) with an early Girl Scout troop.

Many have heard the name Juliette Gordon Low. The founder of Girl Scouts was born in Savannah and her home, the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace is now a house museum that draws thousands of scouts from around the country each year. But there is so much more to her story.

“I think for me the thing that is most powerful about her story is that she didn’t end up living the life that maybe she would have been expected to live as a woman coming up in a wealthy family in Savannah and here in the south,” said Lisa Junkin Lopez, Executive Director of the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. “She was set to kind of live a certain course of life but things didn’t go as planned. That is true for so many of us.”

“One thing that people don’t know is that she was largely deaf or hard of hearing throughout most of her life,” Junkin Lopez added. “It was something that she lived with and often learned how to have it work in her favor. And here’s another surprising thing: she was 51 years old when she founded the Girl Scouts,” she said, “A reminder that you’re never too old to do the most important work of your life.”

“In being Girl Scouts, they learn about the history of their founder, and to be able to come here to the site is this incredible experience,” she continued. “It’s our responsibility then to use every moment that we have with them in order to continue the mission of Girl Scouts which is to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. We do that through telling Juliette’s story and finding ways of connecting to the issues that matter to girls today.”

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