A very common question asked every year is, “What are you thankful for?” Of course we give out the generic answers like family, good health, love and so on. Do we feel this type of gratitude throughout the whole year or only on holidays that point it out?

What does gratitude really mean when we take it out of the context of a holiday? The day after Thanksgiving, we will be airing two special programs to get a better understanding of what gratitude means.

In place of On Second Thought, we will be airing the Snap Judgement: Gratitude Special, Friday, November 27th at 9 am. In this special, we listen to different stories about people embracing the concept of gratitude at a time when they
almost given up hope.

In one story, a Cambodian family who sought refuge in Canada find the missing piece they thought they lost 30 years ago during Khmer Rouge. A man takes a bus ride with a Holocaust survivor and learns how to be thankful for the simple things.

Later on, tune in to The Science Of Gratitude at 3 pm. Narrated by Susan Sarandon, she looks at how gratitude plays a role in living a more satisfying life.