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Tamara Banks

Tamara Banks



For Emmy Award winning journalist, Tamara Banks, the statement, “One Person Can Make a Difference,” is more than just words.

Tamara is a freelance TV journalist, talk show host and documentary filmmaker, focusing on social justice and dedicated to creating transformative social change through excellence in journalism.

Her areas of expertise include: social justice and political issues, nationally and internationally, particularly in South Sudan and Darfur, and other parts of the globe where there is little or no news coverage about crimes against humanity and genocide. Her documentary short film, “The Long Journey Home,” was accepted into the 2009 Hollywood Film Festival, “HollyShorts.”

Tamara has covered some of the biggest stories in recent U.S. history from the Columbine High School and Aurora Movie Theater shootings to the Democratic Convention in Denver and the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Tamara has also traveled to Uganda to interview child soldiers as well as to Rwanda where she reported on that country’s post genocide challenges and successes.

Her work has been featured on numerous news networks including PBS, CNN, ABC News, HDNet's World Report, BBC, NPR, Al Jazeera America, Al Jazeera, WB 2 News, FOX News, as well on as a number of radio stations and newspapers over the past 20 plus years.

Tamara is an accomplished equestrian, riding since she was four years old. She plays polo, the sport of kings (and queens.) Her nickname is “Taz” – not as in Tasmanian devil, rather Tasmanian angel!