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Andrew Young Presents

Andrew Young Presents: Continent of Opportunity

Until now, most Americans have known Africa only as a continent of problems, but in this exciting documentary, Andrew Young travels to Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and other African destinations to show viewers a continent of opportunity! For those weary of nothing but depressing news from Africa, this program is a startling and uplifting departure that will open your eyes to a far more optimistic vision for the world than you'll find in the mainstream media. With Special Guest Chris Tucker

Andrew Young Presents: Tanzania Stories of Life

It is known as "the cradle of civilization" -- the place where mankind may have begun. Millions of years later, it remains one of the most remarkable places on this planet -- the home of Mount Kilimanjaro, 80 percent of the “Great Migration” and vast mineral resources including gold. What truly makes Tanzania unique, however, is it's people. Since gaining independence, Tanzania has enjoyed over 40 years of peace. This is the country that will make you fall in love with Africa! With Special Guests President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Andrew Presents: What’s Wrong with Nigeria?

To many, the very name of the country has become a synonym for corruption -- yet, in truth, Nigeria has been one of America’s strongest and most important partners. With over 350 different ethnic groups, this is one of the continent’s largest and most educated populations, and Nigeria may hold the answer to many challenges of the 21st Century. It’s a story told with grace and wisdom by Andrew Young, the former Civil Rights leader, United Nations Ambassador, U.S. Congressman and Mayor of Atlanta. With Special Guests President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Andrew Young Presents: In the Footsteps of Gandhi

Special Guest Dr. Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King III

Andrew Young Presents: Rwanda Rising

A remarkable story of hope and reconciliation in the aftermath of genocide. With special guests President Bill Clinton, Quincy Jones and Rev. James Orange

Andrew Young Presents: How We Got Over…

Andrew Young brings the struggle for freedom to life -- and to the internet generation -- at a time when the past is more relevant than ever. Included in this new documentary is historical footage, seen for the first time since the news clips aired -- an eye-opening experience that will surprise young viewers who may not know what came before Obama. With Special Guests Congressman John Lewis and Charlayne Hunter Gault

Andrew Young Presents: Willie B. - The Greatest Ape

In his most heartwarming story to date, Andrew Young takes viewers on a personal journey to the Virunga Mountains, where three African countries meet at the only place where one of the world's most precious treasures can be found -- treasures that are alive! This trek is especially poignant because of Young's experiences as Mayor of Atlanta at a time when the city's zoo ranked as one of the worst in the country, and probably would have been closed had it not been for it's most beloved resident, "Willie B." With Special Guest Jeff Foxworthy

Andrew Young Presents: Walking with Guns

T.I. is one of the world’s most popular hip hop artists, but behind this modern success story are troubles that led to an arrest on gun charges. Andrew Young is no stranger to gun violence, having witnessed the assassination of his own mentor, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Now, this unlikely pair become friends as they take on the issue of guns and youth violence -- in a documentary that literally changed T.I.’s life and became a major part of the testimony at his sentencing hearing in federal court. With Special Guest Clifford "T.I." Harris