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Your Southern Garden - Episode 206

Do you have a prized rose or azalea or camellia you want to propagate? Walter visits with propagation expert Paul Thomas to learn a technique every gardener can use. Irises propagate easily but Hank Bruno brings Walter a bucket-full of different irises that have different characteristics in the landscape. Nancy McDonald collects for Walter a dozen houseplants and identifies where they grow best indoors. Then see why creeping cucumber and golden passion vine are considered invasive in the landscape.

7:00PFather Brown

The Wrong Shape

8:00PAre You Being Served?

Anything You Can Do

8:30PKeeping Up Appearances

The Art Exhibition

9:00PAs Time Goes By

Another Proposal

9:30PAs Time Goes By

The Wedding

10:00PMasterpiece Contemporary

Grantchester, Part 1