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You can do something to defend against Dementia: watch your blood sugar!

A new study says any elevation of blood sugar above normal increases risk of Dementia.

The 7-year study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, included more than 2,000 patients. At the start, none had Dementia.

By its end, 524 people had developed Dementia. Those with above-normal blood sugars were more likely to develop Dementia.

Patients with sugars of 115 were nearly 20% more likely to develop Dementia than those with normal sugar levels of 100. Higher levels meant even more Dementia cases.

The relationship between blood sugar levels and Dementia isn’t fully understood. It’s a chicken and egg dilemma: high blood sugars can cause insulin resistance, and microscopic damage to blood vessels feeding the brain, which can lead to Dementia.

But it could be that patients with Dementia don’t eat properly, and so suffer from higher blood sugars.

Whatever the correct cause and effects equation may be, knowing your blood sugar levels can help – not only to keep Dementia at bay, but for understanding your risk factors for other diseases – especially Diabetes.

Preventing Dementia is yet another reason to cut calories, get weight under control, and increase physical activity.

A healthy mind relies on a healthy body.