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Weight For It

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Can gaining weight be a good thing?

Yes – says the Journal of the American Medical Association -- if the alternative is still smoking.

This new study says health concerns about a few extra pounds are far outweighed by the benefits of not smoking.

Most people who quit smoking do gain weight - - an average extra 8 to 11 pounds.
An excuse I often hear from my patients who smoke is weight gain If they stop, which won’t be good for their hearts!


But smoking’s not good for your heart either. It causes inflammation and accelerates plaque buildup in arteries. It’s also murder on your lungs. It damages bronchial tubes and increases risk of cancer.

This 27 year analysis of more than 3200 people found those who quit smoking had fewer heart attacks and strokes, less congestive heart failure, less peripheral vascular disease, and were less likely to die from them.

Smokers who quit cut their risk of serious heart problems by as much as 54% -- as long as they didn’t gain more than 11 pounds.

So don’t use these results as an excuse to pig out.

Quitting smoking helps your heart even if you have to let your belt out. So if you smoke, please stop.

You’ll feel better. And smell better!