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Wanna lose some weight?

Back off the booze. Stop exercising your elbow. You know what I mean. I mean beer, wine, spirits, hard liquor. Cut back. That advice comes straight from the CDC.

For the first time, CDC researchers looked at America’s calorie count from alcohol. On any given day, a third of men and about a fifth of women -– no pun intended -– drink alcohol. For many of them it’s a source of what are called “hidden calories.”

But those calories are not so well hidden. We’re wearing them.
One in five men and one in sixteen women toss back more than 300 alcoholic calories a day. That’s about what you get in two 12 ounce beers … two and a half five ounce glasses of wine … or four and a half ounces of hard liquor. Straight.

The heaviest drinkers? Men age 20 to 40, Men’s favorite drink? Beer. Women? We seem to prefer wine.

One beer has about 150 calories. A 5 ounce glass of wine, around 120. An ounce and a half of liquor, 100 calories.

Dietary guidelines recommend alcohol only in moderation – at most, one drink per day for women, two drinks a day for men.

When it comes to weight, calories from alcohol don’t stay hidden.

And in many cases, what goes down easy, works off hard.