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Most Important Meal?

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Mom was right. Breakfast could be the most important meal of the day. Men, especially, should take this to heart. A new 16 year study of more than 26,000 men 45-82 found those who skipped breakfast had higher risk of heart attack and were more likely to die from it.

The study, published in the journal Circulation, suggests the timing of meals is important. Men who didn’t eat breakfast had nearly 30% increased risk of heart disease. Men who munched late at night had a 50% greater risk of heart disease than those who didn't.

Many scientists believe eating early allows your body the rest of the day to metabolize calories, making breakfast both weight-control friendly and heart protective. But some scientists don’t support this theory, and say it needs more study.

This study says eating breakfast is the proper way to start your day. But remember, what you eat still matters. It’s not a free pass to pile up bacon, sausage, and syrup-covered pancakes.