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Ins and Outs

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Calories are human fuel. We need them to work. And to play. And, maybe surprisingly, to do apparently nothing -- like rest and sleep.

Even when we aren’t obviously expending energy, we’re using it: to breathe, to digest, to keep our hearts beating, and to maintain all those processes that keep us alive.

The calories required for those basic bodily functions add up to your B-M-R: Basal Metabolic Rate.

Muscle raises your B-M-R: so you burn more calories at rest. Fasting lowers it, as your body adjusts to what it interprets as famine.

When choosing what to eat and drink, you need the right mix: enough nutrients, but not too many calories.

So, how many calories do we actually need? It depends on age, gender, and physical activity.

A 50+ woman who isn’t physically active needs 1600 calories a day.
A 50+ man needs an average 2000.
Athletes, and more physically active people, require more.

You’ve heard it a million times: but more calories in require more calories out to maintain healthy weight. Maintaining that weight, at every stage of life, requires information and dedication.