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Good Dog

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If you believe pets are people, consider the proposition they may be prescriptions!

A new study in the journal Circulation says having a pet -- especially a dog -- could lower your heart disease risk.

People with dogs are generally more physically active than those who don’t have them. It makes sense – whether you walk the dog – or the dog walks you.

No significant increases in physical activity have been linked to having cats or other pets; and having a pet doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight. But in general, people who walk their dogs do.

Previous studies have also linked having a pet to having lower blood pressure. I assume that’s once the pet is housebroken.

There’s even a study that found men with dogs had lower cholesterol levels.
Pets provide support in other ways: they’re companions, and provide encouragement and motivation, probably most obviously in weight loss programs.

They can also have a positive effect on the body’s reaction to stress.
For those with established heart disease, having a pet of any kind was linked to increased survival.

Even though this link is likely, don’t buy, rescue, or adopt a pet just to protect your heart. You also must be willing to share it with your new friend.