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A new study links that delicious traditional Southern diet to increased risk of stroke,

The study was presented at the American Stroke Association meeting and looked at dietary habits of 20,000 racially diverse adults in 48 States.

It found a directly proportional relationship between southern cooking and stroke risk.

Those eating Southern style six times a week increased their stroke risk by 41 per cent, compared to those eating southern style once a month.

On the other hand, survey subjects eating a plant based diet, high in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains five times a week lowered their stroke risk by a third – compared to those who ate “healthy” three times a week.

Two thirds of those who ate the most southern style food lived in the Southeast, parts of which make up the Stroke Belt.

It includes Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, where stroke deaths are 20 per cent higher, and highest among African-Americans.

Eating Southern style may not be the best way to go, at least not on a regular basis.