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Energy Drinks

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Energy drinks are popular. Millions drink them, but Consumers may not realize how much caffeine they’re getting.

In general, 8 ounces of an energy drink has between 80 and 140 milligrams of caffeine-- the same as a cup of coffee--- or two to three cans of soda. But some have as much as 250 milligrams of caffeine per serving.

These are adult beverages.
Caffeinated energy drinks have no place in the diets of young children.

Some people drink too many, too fast
Others mix them with alcohol -- a big no no.
Caffeine offsets the sedating effects of alcohol.
It’s called being wide awake drunk.

How much caffeine is OK?
For most adults, up to 500 milligrams a day.
But older people and people with heart or liver problems are more sensitive to caffeine. For them, less is best.

For adolescents: no more than 100 mg a day : what’s in a 10 ounce coffee ,– or 2 to 3 cans of soda…
12 ounces of soda have 35-45 milligrams of caffeine.
A twelve ounce cup of tea has about twice that.

Caffeine during pregnancy?
Fewer than 200 milligrams daily, but check with your doctor.

Know what you’re drinking. Check serving size, number of servings, warnings, and ingredients.
Read those little labels.