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DO Sweat It

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Growing up, I knew people who said southern girls didn’t sweat--- they glowed!! Well ladies, glow for it! A new study says if you want to lower your risk of stroke, you’d better exercise. And when you exercise, you’d better sweat. Men, that goes for you, too.

This six year study, published in the journal Stroke, looked at exercise regimens of more than 27,000 people, 45 and older, living in the Stroke belt: a group of states in the southeast --including Georgia-- where strokes are more common.

Regular exercise made a difference. Regular physical activity lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and since you burn calories when you exercise, it can also help reduce weight.

Those who didn’t exercise were 20% more likely to suffer a stroke or a mini stroke.

For men in the study, only those who exercised regularly -- at least 4 times a week -- and vigorously – meaning they did break a sweat -- had lower stroke risk.

For women, the results were not quite as clear. Researchers speculate that’s because women can get health benefits with activities like walking, that don’t make us sweat as much.
No matter how much you sweat, get active! Regular exercise is good for the heart.