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Damage Control

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We spend billions of dollars trying to erase our wrinkles. But the solution could be a simple product most of us sometimes use.

A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine reveals the not-so-secret ingredient now shown to slow skin aging: sunscreen. And the evidence is convincing.

The four and a half year study was done in Australia- where the sun is strong – really strong.

Researchers looked at nearly a thousand adults age 55 and younger, divided into four groups:
Group 1 used sunscreen and took beta-carotene daily.
Group 2 did the same, but was given a placebo instead of beta-carotene.
Groups 3 and 4 mirrored the first two groups, but used the products at their own discretion.

The beta carotene didn’t help. It had no overall effect on skin aging.
But! Those who used sunscreen daily had exciting results: 24% less skin aging. And daily users had less aging than those who used it sporadically.

Before this study, dermatologists thought sunscreen cut down on skin aging. But it had only been proven in hairless mice. Now we know better.

Vanity aside – wearing sunscreen has another benefit: it’s an important tool in the fight against skin cancer, including melanoma, the deadliest form.

So: wear it regularly, and when you’re in the sun, reapply often.