Worth Remembering
There is new evidence, that is well worth remembering, about how you may remember better, longer.
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Early Detection
People looking for actors often use a screen test. Doctors looking for evidence of lung cancer have a new way to find it earlier.
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Detailed Information
It’s not always the Devil that’s in the details. With food labels, there is a lot of good information, if you’ll just take time to read it.
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No Smoking
Vaping is kind of like smoking. Even if this isn’t really smoke. But is it a safe substitute for the real thing?
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  • Few would argue that the VA system is free of problems. In fact, the most recent reports show that Atlanta's VA is fourth in the nation when it comes to longest wait times. "On The Story" spoke with...
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  • Jack Frost may nip your nose but sometimes he takes a bite. The result is frostbite which can range in severity from superficial freezing of the top layer of your skin (“frostnip”) to severe and...
  • Lasers are cutting edge. They’re used in all kinds of products -- from music players and printers, to surgical tools. But use of lasers in toys has the FDA worried and, as a parent and a physician, I...