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The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow

The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow tells the story of Dr. Temple Grandin — an extraordinary woman with a highly controversial theory. Dr. Grandin is a professor at Colorado State University and a recognized leader in the field of animal science. She is also autistic. Throughout her life, Grandin has shattered expectations of what autistic people can achieve, and her latest theory is just as groundbreaking. Temple believes that in some ways she is more like a cow than an ordinary human being. Specifically, she believes the autistic mind is closer to the animal mind than the typical human mind when it comes to perception of detail. Today, Temple Grandin is an international celebrity in the world of autism. She is renowned in the American meat industry, having developed numerous innovations that make the treatment of beef cattle more humane. In addition to highlighting the life of a remarkable person, The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow offers scientific insight into the increasingly widespread condition of autism.