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Wild South

The Wild South explores the history and stunning beauty of three acclaimed wilderness areas - the Southern Appalachian Mountains, the Florida Everglades and the Caribbean National Forest. In the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Chuck Logan, an inner-city Atlanta native who has learned to love the outdoors, takes viewers on a tour of the mountains. Viewers see the Florida Everglades through the eyes of a four-year-old named Martin, who finds the fabulous birds and alligators of the Everglades a complete marvel. And in the Caribbean National Forest, viewers are led by Diana De Ju, a fearless woman who left New York City to live with her family on the edge of Puerto Rico’s lush rain forest.

Julia Butterfly Hill narrates the program. Hill is famous for bringing public attention to the plight of ancient redwood forests by living in a redwood tree for nearly two years. Ms. Hill grew up in the South and spent much of her childhood exploring places depicted in The Wild South.

The film runs for 27 minutes and is funded by the Thoresen Foundation.