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Tracks Across the Sky

Tracks Across the Sky documents a revered national landmark's collision with one of nature's most powerful forces. The program examines the devastating impact of the tornado on Pennsylvania's Kinzua Viaduct, once the world's highest and longest railroad bridge. Tracks Across the Sky examines the construction, restoration and destruction of the Kinzua Viaduct, a national historic site and national civil engineering landmark located in Mount Jewett, Pennsylvania. At 301 feet, the Kinzua Viaduct stood 24 feet taller and was completed a year ahead of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Brilliant engineers overcame incredible obstacles to design Kinzua Viaduct, bold entrepreneurs found the funds to build it, and 100 brave workers - many of them immigrants - completed the job in 94 days. The program features interviews with engineers and historians and chronicles the $12 million emergency repair project begun in 2002. Tracks Across the Sky also captures the destruction that occurred on July 21, 2003, when the bridge was broadsided by a F-1 tornado, just a few months shy of being fully restored.