Speaker Of The House: The Thomas B. Murphy Story

The year is 1961. Thomas B. Murphy, a 37-year-old country lawyer, former collegiate boxer and World War II vet from Bremen, Georgia, is sworn in for his first term as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Few or none could predict then that this volatile young legislator -- quick of wit, tongue as sharp as a penny nail -- would become one of the most politically powerful men in the history of the state.

Thomas B. Murphy was the longest serving state house speaker in the country. Speaker of the House: The Thomas B. Murphy Story -- premiered Wednesday, March 20, 2002. Georgia Public Broadcasting brings back this special documentary in remembrance of former Speaker Thomas B. Murphy, who passed away on December 17, 2007.

The Speaker of the House: The Thomas B. Murphy Story production team is: Executive Producer, Host and Writer: Susan Hoffman; Director of Photography: Wayne Baumgardner; Editor: Amy Hults; Additional Photography: Shane Keating; Production Research: Clem McIntosh, Ashlie Wilson; Director, GPTV Productions: Mike Klein.



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