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Ignite Teacher Resources

Click the icon on the left to enjoy the Ignite Curriculum Guide seen below complete with:

  • Annice Brave’s lesson plan aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Direct link to the CCSS standards for English Language Arts Grade 11-12
  • Links to Annice’s favorite resources
  • Teacher to Teacher video with Annice sharing advice for implementing this lesson in your classroom

Be sure, as you click to resources embedded in this guide, that you regularly click the back button to return to the guide page.

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Resource Wall

Click on a logo to be connected! Enjoy learning more about the Common Core State Standards as well as resources Annice uses regularly in her lesson planning. (Depending on your browser set-up, these links may open as a new window on this page, or as a new tab in which case, just click back to the GPB tab to return to this very page.)

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