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Thank You, Eddie Hart

Amid the rubble and hope in the aftermath of World War II, a Dutch girl made a promise to an American soldier who was buried near her hometown in the Netherlands — a promise that would change her life. Betty Vrancken, who had survived four long, difficult years of Nazi occupation, yearned to show her appreciation to the liberating soldiers. Beginning in 1946, she adopted the grave of PFC Eddie Hart who was killed in Germany during the waning days of the war, promising to visit several times a year. She and her brother paid tribute to Eddie Hart — a soldier they never knew — for over 57 years. Told by those on the front lines of history, including the soldiers who fought both with and against Eddie Hart and his 83rd Infantry Division, this inspiring true story is a reminder that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary acts. Thank You, Eddit Hart is narrated by Pat Hingle, a World War II veteran and well-known character actor who has appeared in over 200 television shows, series and films.

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