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Jack Kingston: People Know Where I Stand On The Issues

The New York Stock Exchange And The Atlanta Dream: All In A Day’s Work For Jeff Sprecher And Kelly Loeffler

Last week as the nation was preparing to shut to celebrate the fourth of July, the Dow Jones Industrial average broke all records.

Two Way Street: In Atlanta's Core, The AIDS Epidemic Is Skyrocketing

The 1993 film Philadelphia starred actor Tom Hanks as a young lawyer dying of AIDS.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed: Mayors Have A Reality That People In Washington Don't Have Every Day

Georgia Grown: Marinated Vegetable Salad

Do your kids know more about apps than apples? Could they pick a rutabaga out of a lineup?

Probably not, which is where the "Georgia Grown Test Kitchen" program comes in.

It takes the "farm to table" movement a little further-- as in "farm to school."

Ten schools across the state will take part during the upcoming school year.

The goals are to teach kids about where their food comes, and maybe inspire them to eat healthier foods.

A Racing Grace

One of the first rules of being a television news producer is NEVER to turn the talent into a 300-foot smear on the back wall.

The Dolphin Lady

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I set out to interview a Tybee Island astrologer who writes in earnest about speaking with time-traveling dolphins and their vital message for humanity.

So, among my first questions for Muriel Lindsay was: “Are you nuts?” OK, I think I was a little more diplomatic than that. I found her answer measured and reassuring. She told me it’s not important to her whether people think she’s crazy as long as they listen to the message.

That message comes from the dolphins. Not the team. The species.

Sky-High Airfares

If you’re traveling this summer, GPB’s “On the Story” has some advice from consumer expert Clark Howard about how to beat the soaring cost of airfares.

Clark explained that the key to saving money on travel is letting the deal drive your trip. He said travelers need to look for the big bargains and then make their plans accordingly, rather than trying to get the best prices for popular destinations. Look for spot sales, he said.


Sometimes history can be witnessed in a transition no one quite grasps at the time.

Fighting For Freedom - Two Anniversaries

On this 70th anniversary of D-Day, the Atlanta Constitution has published a thrilling supplement to today's edition: full page copies of the front pages of the Journal and the Constitution from June 7 and 8, 1944. Reading the reports of the invasion as journalism rather than history makes even clearer the extraordinary courage and dedication of the soldiers who stormed the beaches, fighting for freedom and the preservation of Western democracies.