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Need Help This Thanksgiving? GPB Radio Has You Covered

Being in charge of the Thanksgiving meal can be stressful. If the very thought of preparing the turkey has you reaching for the cooking wine, wait! GPB is here to help you out and offer a few laughs too.

On Thanksgiving Day November 26, we bring back our annual live cooking help show, "Turkey Confidential" from 12 pm- 2 pm hosted by "The Splendid Table’s" Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

What Does Gratitude Really Mean?

A very common question asked every year is, “What are you thankful for?” Of course we give out the generic answers like family, good health, love and so on. Do we feel this type of gratitude throughout the whole year or only on holidays that point it out?

What does gratitude really mean when we take it out of the context of a holiday? The day after Thanksgiving, we will be airing two special programs to get a better understanding of what gratitude means.

Veterans Day Specials Presented On TV And Radio

Often times when we think of Veterans Day, we think of a time to honor the men and women of the military and the many sacrifices they made. Or do we?

Most of us only get a glimpse of war through news outlets and proceed to Veterans’ Day sales. Meanwhile veterans come home having lived the brutal reality of combat and forever wear the physical, mental and emotional scars of war.

To give us a better understanding of what they have sacrificed and suffered, we are airing specials on television and radio from the veteran’s point of view.

GPB-Augusta Presents Stories of Amazing Augusta Talents: "Where I'm From" Airs this November

Augusta has come to be known for a number of things over the years:

Golf. Think Augusta.
James Brown. Think Augusta.
Cyber Security. Think Augusta.

Augusta is also known for being home to some extremely talented performing artists who are sharing their skills with audiences today.

“Generation Nation”, “Sci-Tech Now Georgia” And Politics In The Morning

Earlier this week, you heard three familiar voices joining Morning Edition host Bradley George for insightful conversations about technology, politics and the gap between generations.

These discussions are now a regular part of the morning line-up.

On Mondays, GPB’s Bobbie Battista will examine issues, characteristics and trends that define the five generations of Americans intermingling with each other and the impact their integration is having on our society. This subject is the basis of her upcoming podcast “Generation Nation.”

Jazz At The G Concert Series Comes to Georgia Regents University

Georgia Public Broadcasting in Augusta will present “Jazz At The G”, a six-part concert series, in conjunction with the Georgia Regents University Department of Music, Garden City Jazz, and The Greater Augusta Arts Council.
Performers include The JAMP Masters, The Tandem, and Joel Cruz with Karen Gordon. The first performance will be at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6, at the D. Douglas Barnard Jr. Amphitheatre, on GRU’s Summerville campus. Admission is free and attendees are encouraged to bring blankets, lawn chairs, and picnic baskets.

The Cherry Tree Listening Project 5/30/14: Mother & daughter talk about how growing up in the socio-economic climate of a notorious public housing project impacted their relationship.

The Cherry Tree Listening Project 5/29/14: How growing up in Cherry Tree Crossing impacts your values!

Thursday 5/29/14…Growing up in a place like Cherry Tree Crossing impacts your values. The Kennedy Golden Children are all excellent students, healthy, and well adjusted, yet their views on some members of the criminal element in their community might just surprise you.

Listen Now!

The Cherry Tree Listening Project 5/28/14: Three teenagers say their experience at Cherry Tree Crossing was great with few exceptions.

Wednesday 5/28/14…Herman, Corey and Ashley are teenagers. They grew up in Cherry Tree Crossing with their mom, dad, and three younger siblings. Their memories of their childhood are idyllic, but for a few very disturbing exceptions. Hear their story now! 


The Cherry Tree Listening Project 5/27/14: A family of 6 describe living in Cherry Tree as idyllic - with a few exceptions.