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Dr. Sandy Says

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Ask Dr. Sandy: Help for Seniors

A new study in the journal Health Affairs shows organizations making home deliveries to needful seniors saves millions each year, by helping keep those seniors out of nursing homes.

In Atlanta, Meals on Wheels also offers various programs to help delay the effects of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Learn more in this installment of Ask Dr. Sandy:

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Tips to Stave Off Frostbite and Hypothermia

Jack Frost may nip your nose but sometimes he takes a bite. The result is frostbite which can range in severity from superficial freezing of the top layer of your skin (“frostnip”) to severe and permanent damage due to frozen muscle and bone that can lead to amputation. Frostbite is especially fond of the ears, nose, fingers, and toes.

Laser Toy Dangers

Lasers are cutting edge. They’re used in all kinds of products -- from music players and printers, to surgical tools.

But use of lasers in toys has the FDA worried and, as a parent and a physician, I share their concern.

There are lasers on toy guns to help you aim, tops with lasers that project a beam as they spin, and toy light sabers with lasers for beams.

Then there are mom’s or dad’s laser pointer or keychain which can be easily snatched to use as a toy.

Ask Dr. Sandy: Do Wedge Inserts Help Ease Knee Pain

If your knees don’t hurt yet, good.

But chances are they will. Arthritic knee pain hits nearly half of us by 85.

Can orthotics -- wedge-shaped insoles -- help? They change your knees weight bearing load, but is that enough?

Watch this week's Ask Dr. Sandy for the details on a study that answers these questions.

Dr. Sandy Says: Early Detection Saves Lives

There’s new hope for diagnosing lung cancer early and saving lives. The US Preventive Services Task recommends low dose CT scans -- computed tomography -- to detect cancer early and increase lung cancer survival rates.

This week on Your Health Matters, learn about the low dose scan and why it's better than traditional lung cancer screening methods for detecting cancer early.

Watch the full episode before it airs!

Ask Dr. Sandy: Do Flu Shots Have Additional Benefits?

Flu season is here. If that isn't reason enough to get a flu shot, maybe this will persuade you: A new study in the journal Heart found flu vaccination may help prevent heart attacks.

Researchers concluded flu vaccination is protective against heart attack, and had cut heart attack risk by 45%.

Get the full details of the study in this installment of Ask Dr. Sandy:

Stopping Smoking: The Importance of Youth Counseling

Kids and tobacco – any kind of tobacco -- is a deadly combination. In far too many cases, it’s also illegal: every day in the U.S., nearly 4000 kids under 18 smoke their first cigarette -- even though buying tobacco products before they’re 18 is against the law.

Nearly ninety per cent of all current daily smokers started smoking before 18.

Ask Dr. Sandy: Can Kids Use E-Cigs?

There’s a lot of buzz about e-cigs – electronic cigarettes.

They look like cigarettes, but aren’t.
Battery operated, they create a vapor. Not smoke.

E-cigs are marketed as an alternative to traditional smokes, but are they really any better?

Vaping is trendy, but now middle and high school students are catching on.

Dr. Sandy Says: Read The Fine Print!

Here’s a simple way to eat healthier and feel better. Read the small print. Check nutrition facts on food labels.

Those numbers can help you reach your health goals, but you have to know what they mean.

This weekend on Your Health Matters we'll show you how to read nutrition facts the right way. Learn what to look for and understand what the facts really mean.

Medicaid Coverage Gap: Nothing Sweet About This Doughnut Hole For The Working Poor

The goal of ACA (Affordable Care Act) is that EVERYONE have health insurance coverage. There are different routes for obtaining coverage: through your job; through the online ACA Marketplace; through Medicare for those 65 and older; through Medicaid (and Medicaid expansion) for the poor.

The president has acknowledged the disastrous debut of, the marketplace’s website, due to glitches and deficiencies in website design, and promised needed fixes to enable ease of enrollment.