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Middle School Learners (5-8)

Middle School Learners (Grades 5-8)

Middle School Learners are typically between the ages of 10-14. At this stage of development, they are beginning to grasp abstract concepts. Their different learning styles become more prominent as well as their need to be more social. Here are resources to engage Middle School Learners.

Elementary Learners (K-5)

Elementary Learners (K-5)

Elementary learners are in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. The younger learners in this group are typically creative problem-solvers, extend their oral skills to writing and begin to think in abstract terms mathematically.

Early Learners

Early Learners

Early Learners, those in the pre-kindergarten stage, are laying their foundation for their reading and writing abilities, language and mathematical skills and their physical capabilities. For more on how children develop at these stage, we recommend you review PBS Parents' Child Development Tracker.

We've listed programs and resources to cultivate the education of learners at this stage here.

Archived Webinars

Archived Webinars and Web Events

Discovery Education Don't Worry, be Appy

Little Girls in front of computer

Parent Engagement and Involvement Training

Parent Engagement and Involvement Training

November is Parent Engagement month in Georgia. In partnership with the Department of Education, we created these training videos to teach parents how to get involved and active in a child's education. (Download these "100 Tips for Parents" from the Parental Information and Resource Center.)

Back to School Planning Guide

Back to School Planning Guide

New school year, new classroom adventures, new sets of challenges! To meet them it takes planning, experimentation and a good sense of humor. Our Back to School Planning Guide is designed to address at least two parts of that list.

We've culled links to recommended sites that help with classroom planning and first day of school activities and suggest new technologies to try.

We hope you find this helpful. Have a wonderful school year!

Net-Q DEEM Teacher Mentor Training Real World Case Trust

Real World Case: Trust and Relationship Building

Net-Q DEEM Teacher Mentor Training

Resource Pages

The resource pages provide participants with research publications and reports. Websites related to module topics are also included as well as video interviews and podcast segments featuring national experts.

Net-Q DEEM Teacher Mentor Training

Facilitator's Guides

Facilitator guides support the delivery of instruction by highlighting key concepts from the resource materials. In addition, they provide facilitators with suggested discussion questions and sample responses that may potentially be shared by training participants. The guide provides a suggested template for the order of module activities, however facilitators are encouraged to use their professional judgment based on the dynamics of their participant group.

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