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Thanksgiving Day Resources

Thanksgiving Day Resources

GPB has programs, activities and recipes to keep you occupied this Thanksgiving Day.

What to Listen to on GPB Radio

11/28 The Splendid Table Turkey Confidential 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

11/28 "Giving Thanks" with John Birge from American Public Media 1 p.m.- 2 p.m.
11/28 Third Coast Audio Festival "Best of the Best" 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

PBS Learning Media Election 2012

PBS Learning Media Elections 2012 Collection

Deepen your students' knowledge of the 2012 elections with a new collection of digital resources from PBS Learning Media.

The Election 2012 Collection features a student-aimed Elections 2012 newscast, highlighting issues from the campaign trail, a multimedia glossary, interactive digital games and lesson plans geared towards high school
students and teachers. Visit the full site.

It's My Constitution

It's My Constitution!

“It's My Constitution” is a lively, educational video that provides an entertaining overview of this founding document, and its importance to us today. Through a lively discussion, Travis, Christiana and Michael Loudermilk uncover the true intent of our Constitution, clarify some common misunderstandings and reveal its relevance to us today. Their father, Georgia Senator Barry Loudermilk, chimes in to provide insights into some of the key
provisions of the Constitution.

Digital Media and the Common Core Archived Webinar

Digital Media and the Common Core Archived Webinar

This is the recorded version of the webinar presented on August 23, 2012 at 4 p.m.

Listen to it here.

Download the powerpoint presentation.

Got questions? Technical difficulty? Contact us at 404-685-2544.

Common Core Facilitating Student-Led Discussions

Common Core - Putting the Common Core into Practice:
Facilitating Student-Led Discussions

Common Core Making Challenging Texts Accessible

Common Core - Putting the Common Core into Practice:
Making Challenging Texts Accessible

Each of the four segments of the Making Challenging Texts Accessible series provides a 30-minute standalone session appropriate for K-12 professional development in all subjects/contents during faculty meetings, before or after school, or during teacher planning time. Following each 30-minute segment, teachers and instructional leaders can work collaboratively to implement the ideas and strategies in their classrooms and schools.

Common Core Orientation

Common Core Orientation

Georgia joined with 45 other states and territories to develop a set of core standards for K-12 in English language arts and mathematics. The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent framework to prepare students for success in college and/or the 21st century workplace.

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Women's History Month

Women's History Month - Great Georgia Women Worth Studying

Women's History File

Technology Central

Technology Central