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The Inventure Prize 2014

Learn about this year's finalists in the press release from Georgia Tech. Who will win the 2014 Inventure Prize? Tune in LIVE right here on March 26 at 7:30PM to find out. Chat LIVE with other viewers and cheer on your favorite invention.

GPB Education Training

On September 16, 2015, we presented a demonstration and training on the 8th Grade Georgia Studies Digital Textbook.

Missed it? No problem. You can watch the video archive below!

See the Frequently Asked Questions for help troubleshooting in the app.

Georgia Pathways Captioned

Georgia Pathways Captioned

The GA STEM Education Awards—Finalist Announcement

Help for Home School Families

Help for Home School Families

GPB New Media & Education provides Home School Families with access to digital resources.
If you home school your children you can access the most complete digital library of educational multimedia resources in one place. To give you access to the library we will need the following information:

Education Resources by Week

How to Logon to Discovery Education

How to Logon to Discovery Education

How to Logon to PBS Learning Media

How to Logon to PBS LearningMedia™

Education Quick Reference

Language & Literacy