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Road Trip Episodes

Road Trip Episodes

GPB Georgia Studies Digital Textbook Web Preview

Georgia Studies Digital Textbook for iPad Confirmation

You're request has been sent!

Thank you for requesting an in person presentation on the Georgia Studies Digital Textbook for iPad. We look forward to visiting your school soon.

A GPB Digital team member will be contacting you to schedule your visit in a few days. If you haven't downloaded the digital textbook app yet, you can do so here.

Also check out our frequently asked questions page.

The Inventure Prize 2014

Learn about this year's finalists in the press release from Georgia Tech. Who will win the 2014 Inventure Prize? Tune in LIVE right here on March 26 at 7:30PM to find out. Chat LIVE with other viewers and cheer on your favorite invention.

Georgia Studies Digital Textbook - Frequently Asked Questions

Georgia Studies Digital Textbook
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the textbook?
The digital textbook is an app and, as all apps occasionally do, it will need to be updated. Typically, this is done with a little curved arrow button next to the word "Update" under the image for each unit. It's very obvious when this happens. If you opt not to download the updates (which typically take only a few seconds), the units will continue working normally, just without updated information and resources.

GPB Education Training

On March 6, 2014, we presented a demonstration and training on the 8th Grade Georgia Studies Digital Textbook.

Missed it? No problem. You can watch the video archive below and follow the archive of the live chat too.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for help troubleshooting in the app.

Georgia Pathways Captioned

Georgia Pathways Captioned

The Georgia Studies Digital Textbook

The GA STEM Education Awards—Finalist Announcement