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Behind The Plea For Death Penalty Clemency For Kelly Gissendaner

A jury sentenced the 46-year-old Gissendaner to death for planning the murder of her husband, Doug, in 1997. The boyfriend who actually killed the husband, Gregory Owen, avoided the death penalty by providing evidence to convict Gissendaner. She is scheduled to be put to death Wednesday night, the first woman to be executed in Georgia in 70 years.

When The Pictures Tell The Story

He was about to move to the A side of the structure and he said, ‘Let’s go do this.’ Those were the last words of Lt. Randy Parker, a Macon-Bibb firefighter who died battling a house fire when the floor collapsed. His funeral was captured in photos and video by GPB Macon's Grant Blankenship.

Elections 2014: GPB Votes For Digital Coverage

Voters finally have their say on Tuesday, Nov. 4. GPB's news team is getting digital with election night coverage. Starting at 7pm, the newscast anchored by Bill Nigut and Rickey Bevington can be accessed on radio, online, through a live blog, live chat and social media at

Your Questions About The Ebola Virus Answered

We asked you to submit your questions about the Ebola virus on-air and online and we said we would get them answered by an expert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

GPB News reporter Jeanne Bonner took your questions to Dr. Beth Bell of the CDC. Here are Bell's answers.

Get Your Questions About The Ebola Virus Answered

Updated: 10/9/14 4:34 p.m.

In light of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the U.S., I am sure you have even more questions about the disease.

These are some of mine: why did he die and the aid workers treated for the virus in Atlanta survived? What drugs are used to fight the illness and do we have enough of it?

Six Words From A Southerner

What six words define southern identity? How about: “How Long ‘Til College Football Season” or “Mac And Cheese Is A Vegetable.” Or, maybe, “Don’t Confuse My Kindness For Weakness.”

These are among hundreds of responses to our new social media conversation about what it means to live in the American South. And based on the number and quality of responses we’re already seeing, we appear to have hit a chord.

Instagram On A Deadline

Over the course of planning to cover a story this week, I have been struck by how much has changed in journalism since I started working at GPB nearly seven years ago. As a working journalist, I regularly adopt new technologies, new digital platforms and new strategies to meet new audience behaviors and expectations. But this week's preparation for the CounterPoint Music Festival brought journalism's rapid adaptation to the digital age into sharp focus.

History By Appointment Only

Georgians got some tough news this week from the Secretary of State's office. State budget cuts are forcing the near-closure of the Georgia State Archives in Morrow come Nov. 1. The librarians and archivists who preserve and maintain the massive catalogue will lose their jobs. These are the people who prevent the passage of time from destroying the documents, books, pictures and artwork of people who founded and grew Georgia before us.

GPB Macon Talks Football!

Georgia high schools are two weeks into the football season. GPB Macon's Adam Ragusea will be covering news and analysis of the season among middle Georgia schools each Friday morning on Morning Edition. Here's a conversation with Telegraph sports editors Daniel Shirley and Jon Heeter predicting this year's leaders, reflecting on how sports bring families and friends together, and how new rules to protect athletes from heat exhaustion will impact play on the field.

Ditching Gluten Like Miley Cyrus

It's always a fun day in the office when I get to assign a reporter to make chocolate mousse as part of her story. That's exactly what happened a few weeks ago when GPB's Parker Wallace approached me about exploring what seems to be the latest food fad -- going gluten-free. Miley Cyrus is tweeting about her no-gluten diet and Yankee Stadium is adding gluten-free foods to its vendor offerings. So, Parker wanted to know, what are Georgians up to?