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A Sneak Peek At The Newest Route To The Port Of Savannah

(This story also appears on Medium.)

As GPB takes a look at transportation throughout Georgia, we’re not just interested in what moves you (that is, #WhatMovesYouGA); we’re also looking at what moves Georgia’s economy. And a big part of that, of course, is the state’s ports.

Mapping a Carless Life

(This story also appears on Medium.)

There’s nothing like car troubles to make you think about the other transportation options available to you.

To pull back the curtain on my life a bit, for the last month or so, my car (a sexy 2002 Toyota Camry) has been teetering on the edge of disrepair. Then, this week, it finally plunged over that edge.

Does your voice matter? Of course it does...

(This story also appears on Medium.)

GPB News wants to marshal its reporting power to tell a series of stories on transportation.

What's that mean? Road conditions, traffic, mass transit, bike lines and pedestrian safety, for a start as my colleague Sam Whitehead wrote yesterday.

Introducing GPB News Presents: What Moves You, Georgia

We're getting started on a new series looking at the transportation issues that affect all Georgians.

Medical Marijuana Bill Leaves Some Questions Unanswered

Do you find it interesting that Georgia will allow some patients to possess medical marijuana oil, but will leave unanswered how they'll get the stuff? The law that Gov. Nathan Deal will sign allows people in Georgia to have a maximum of 20 ounces of cannabis oil.

Tale Of The Footage: Video Shows Officer Shooting S.C. Man

North Charleston police Officer Michael T. Slager says he shot 50 year old Walter L. Scott after the two scuffled over a taser. But a video that was released online offered a different story.

GPB Contributes To Ken Burns Cancer Series

Ken Burns is synonymous with PBS and documentary films - from the “Civil War” to “Baseball” to “Jazz”. Now he turns his cameras to a project that traces our biggest health concern - cancer - in the series “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies” a biography of cancer.

What's Private Anymore?

A three-page statement issued by Monroe County School District Superintendent Anthony Pack through his attorney revealed he is gay and dismissed reports he used government issued devices for online dating purposes. This begs the question: is a community entitled to know the details of a public figure's personal life?

President Obama's Visit: A View From The Pool

Oh to be a fly on the wall during the President’s visit to Atlanta this week which included a pit stop at Manuel’s Tavern. (Hence the darts!) In a sense, that is what pool reporters are. We have reports from two of them on what happened.

Your Reactions To The Death Penalty And Kelly Gissendaner Case

Last week I shared the 50-plus page clemency application by the only woman on death row: Kelly Renee Gissendaner. You shared your thoughts on her execution (now postponed as officials review lethal injection drugs) and the death penalty.