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Sparking innovation in education

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A Vision for Everyone at the Table in 2014!

Our dream for 2014 at The Ignite Show is for more opportunities to raise awareness (and respect) for educators and education through the voices of teachers, students and parents. As seen in a small dose on the latest Special Episode #4 in the "Conversation over Common Core," Intel executive Carlos Contreras helps us bring all these constitutents to one table at the same time. We want more of this!

Teaching the Common Core Creatively -- No Where to Hide!

When you see Lewis in action, in the just released Special Episode of The Ignite Show, you can’t help but smile at his creativity – and then stop, and smile again at his rigor in teaching math in alignment to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)! He speaks proudly about his students and their ability to think through an algebraic equation, test a hypothesis and then actually do an experiment to go full circle and test the math in action!

When Will We Listen to Teachers?

I am amazed at how some local politicians and influencers in political circles do not take into consideration what a majority of teachers are saying! As I work with teachers across the country and with education leaders of teachers like President Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and President Dennis Van Roekel the National Education Association (NEA) it is beyond frustrating that some well-respected individuals have not taken time to listen and learn from our teachers, those who know the facts and are the experts when it comes to education

Sharing Interview with the Council of Chief State School Officers

Today we launch a series of four Special Episodes of The Ignite Show featuring four State Teachers of the Year teaching to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This all was made possible by the generous support of The National Network of State Teachers of the Year and The Hunt Institute in partnership with other teaching and learning partners including the NEA, AFT and PTA.

Shedding Light and Spreading Truth

Sharing Information from the Road - travelling the country, visiting the classrooms of Four State Teachers of the Year and watching as they teach lessons they prepared in alignment to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has been an experience I am honored to share. I've walked beside teachers, administrators, students and parents for over 21 years now in Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA and have never seen the high level of energy and passion -- by everyone in the schools I met actually -- about the possibilities of something big!

Opening the School Year On the Road with State Teachers of the Year

This year I am working up close and personal with four teachers in four states as they get started with a new class of students! All are State Teachers of the Year; all are implementing the Common Core State Standards; all are working with diverse groups of students. I am having an unexpected and powerful experience I thought you might appreciate.

Igniting the Passion of Students to Learn - Summer Send OFF Ideas!


In Chapter TWO & THREE of the book “Fires in the Mind” by Kathleen Cushman we are challenged to think about “Catching the Spark” and then “Keeping At it.” Actually – she is directing this to the innate instincts of teachers who work hard to bring out the best in our students and motivate them to succeed in school and life! Her ideas and thoughts continue to be exciting for me to share – so here we go!

Student Voice Formative Assessment -- for NOW!

You have to see this!I ran across this really great tool for you to use right now in your classroom to gain immediate assessment of what your students learned. Formative assessment simplified...and student voice magnified!

This was created by Sarah Brown Wessling of the Teaching Channel and I just love it! I think you will too given that we have all just experienced a most laborious testing season in our public schools these past couple of weeks.

Slowing Down to Go Fast – An interview with Deborah Meier/ Founder of the Mission Hill School

There is much rich information provided by Sam Chaltain and others about this “dream school” Mission Hill. It motivates me to want to see this type school replicated everywhere! But where to begin?

I decided to ask the founder herself what one might do to create this “dream school” in their own community.

Students Leading – Let’s Listen!

A movement is taking shape that I thought you would want to know more about – students are rallying to share their opinions and ideas for what they want their education to be for themselves and other students. Student Voice ( founded by Zak Malamed is striving to create an international network of empowered students by providing them with the tools they need to use their voice in policy discussions. How could we not support them? I encourage us to li