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The Force may be with you

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How Southwire is Keeping At Risk Kids in School By Giving Them Jobs

Our show Fast Forward visited the electrical wire company Southwire for good reason. The company is not only a great hands-on launchpad to science, technology, engineering and math careers, but it is preventing at risk kids from dropping out of school by giving them jobs.

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’!

Fast Forward recently took a trip to McCaysville to do some white water rafting. No, we weren’t on vacation. We were exploring more of the cool jobs Georgia has to offer. So if you’re the adventurous type (and don’t mind getting a little wet), our episode on Rolling Thunder River Company could be right up your alley…or creek, as the case may be.

Hartsfield Jobs Taking Off

Fast Forward recently visited Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. No, we weren’t catching a flight. As usual our team was on the hunt for the coolest jobs in Georgia. And Hartsfield might just have been the mother load. Not only is it the busiest airport in the world (that’s right, I said ‘world’), it’s also the largest employer in the state of Georgia.

A Refreshing Place to Work

“Open Happiness.” If that sounds familiar, you can thank The Coca-Cola Company. And no, they aren’t talking about the feeling you get when you click on a new Fast Forward blog (though it would make sense). Coke is a company that connects with its customers - which is pretty much everybody. Because, whether you live in Coke’s hometown of Atlanta or halfway around the world, Coca-Cola is known for the smiles it brings.

The Walking Dead (Warning: May Contain Awesomeness)

By now you should know that Georgia is a great place to shoot films. But did you know that the most popular television show in the history of cable is also shot here? That’s right. The town of Senoia, just an hour South of Atlanta, is home to Raleigh Studios and a little show called The Walking Dead.

Farming in Georgia

When you think of farming in Georgia, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you said peaches, that’s a good guess. If you said candle hammer, you have bigger things to worry about. Either way, you probably weren’t thinking of blueberries or olives. These two crops aren’t exactly household names here in the peach state, but they’re getting more and more popular every year.

Gearing Up in Georgia

Fast Forward spends a lot of time on the road. When you’re constantly searching for the coolest jobs in Georgia it kind of goes with the territory. Needless to say, we appreciate a good vehicle. And we appreciate it even more when that vehicle is made right here in the state of Georgia.

Six Flags Over GPB

Here’s a riddle: How many flags does it take to get Fast Forward's attention? Trick question. We’re always paying attention. (I would have also accepted six.)

One if By Land, Two if By Sea

Fast Forward recently made a trip to the Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah. And if you’ve ever been shopping in the state of Georgia, chances are you’re familiar with their work. They’re in the business of importing and exporting. So if you see it on the shelves, it’s probably been through one of their ports.

An Eventful Week for Fast Forward

Fast Forward started the week with The Cogdell Berry Farm and Kia Motors table reads, and I was so excited that I went home and bought some blueberries that same evening. I would have bought a car, but that’s not as realistic.

My calendar is jam-packed this month with scheduled shoots, footage transfers, and least exciting--jury duty. I have to do my civic duty for our great state, and that means more than researching cool jobs in Georgia. It also means serving in our court system.