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Get it? <em>Tails</em>

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Shelter Me Shows Day In Life Of Rescued Animals

Josephine Bennett and I have been sharing our adventures in fostering, adopting and helping shelter animals through this blog. On Wednesday, June 1 at 7 p.m., you’ll see the work of others who share this passion in the special Shelter Me: Hearts and Paws.

Collars And Tags People

Every day I see lost and found pets posted on social media. I get it. Our dog Duncan (aka Houdini) looks for every opportunity to bolt out the front door so no judgement here. Accidents happen and dogs and cats get away.
But when they do, make sure they are wearing a collar with an identification tag. It’s the fastest way to get them back. A collar and a tag will set you back around $15 and most of the major pet stores have machines that will make a customized tag with your pet’s name and your contact information. There are also multiple options online.

Tucker's Run

As a long time foster-person of rescue dogs from Brooklyn and Los Angeles, living in Atlanta, Georgia has continued that tradition. It all started approximately 8 months ago with a foster dog named Tucker. This dog like many that come from uncertain environments, Tucker came to me weary and anxious.

Georgia Makes Eating Out With Dogs Easier

People in Atlanta enjoy spending time with their pets, from a walk in the park to a day at the beach. Now eating out with their dogs just got easier.

The Georgia Department of Public Health is now allowing pet dogs to accompany their owners to restaurants. Dog owners and their pet dogs can go inside dining areas together as long as those areas are accessible from the street and are outdoor areas like patios. They won’t be allowed to walk pet dogs inside the restaurant. This new rule does not apply to service dogs by the way.

Au Revoir Michelangelo

When I heard about events in Paris my thoughts turned to a Chihuahua from Macon and the French animal rescue there that welcomed him with open arms and found him a new home.

M leaving shelter
Josephine Bennett taking Michelangelo out of the shelter

Pets In the Pews For The Feast Of St. Francis

I have always dreamed of bringing my dog to a church service just like on that episode of the Vicar of Dibley, when Geraldine Granger invited villagers to bring all their creatures great and small to St. Barnabas Church.

Last year my dream came true and will come true again.

Dear Adopter Of A Shelter Animal

Dear adopter of a rescue dog or cat,

First let me say, thank you. Before you take your new family member home I want you to remember a few things. This sweet animal has recently come off the streets, out of a home where they were no longer wanted or cared for, or out of a crowded shelter. Some have been abused or sick. You can hardly imagine what many have been through.

Macon's Midnight Miracle

On Friday around 4:15 I was wrapping up a few loose ends at work before the Labor Day weekend. I was looking forward to staying home, getting things done around the house and using up the last of my CSA vegetables. Weekends like this are rare.

But when I logged on to Facebook to create posts for our GPB Macon page the following came across my newsfeed on the Macon Bibb County Animal Welfare Facebook page.

Free To A Good Home

A while back I received a text message from a friend needing help with a homeless dog. Because I volunteer in animal rescue it is not unusual for me to be contacted when someone finds a dog. This sweet dog who my friend was calling Marley had been dropped off at the home of a man who could barely care for himself and the three dogs he already had. The people that had him no longer wanted him. My friend was there dropping off donated dog food and saw Marley who had unfortunately been hit by a car.

I'm Sorry Duke the Boxer

I’d like to introduce you to our current foster dog, Duke. Duke showed up in our lives via Facebook. I get tagged in a lot of posts about animals needing help. Duke had a fairly typical story. From what I could see his owner moved and left him in the back yard of his now vacant rental home. Former roommates were going by to feed him but he was essentially living there by himself. There were cries on Facebook to “Just go get him.” But it’s not that simple. You cannot simply walk into someone’s yard and take a dog. The owner needs to be found and officially surrender the animal.