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Get it? <em>Tails</em>

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The Empty Nest is Full of Fur

Do I wish my house had a little less dog fur? Yes. Would I give them up? Some days I joke about it but in reality they make our house more of a home.

Horses, Cows, Cats and Dogs: Protect Your Animals From The Bitter Cold

Since animals have fur, we assume they don't need protection from cold weather. They do! Plus the protective measures are easy to implement. Georgia’s Department of Agriculture offers these tips on how to protect your animals from frigid temperatures - whether they are horses, cows, cats or dogs. Here they are:

A Costume Party With Alpacas - Why Not?

Here’s your chance to trick-or-treat with alpacas this Halloween weekend. Yes you can do that!

The Royal Alpaca Challenge is hosting a trick-or-treat, costume contest and obstacle course competition starting at noon on Saturday, November 1 at the International Horse Park in Conyers.

How To Adopt Your New Pet From A Local Animal Shelter

The Bibb Animal Shelter in Macon is scrambling to find homes for their animals following a quarantine which was recently lifted. If you are interested in adopting a pet, head to the shelter's website. In this post, guest blogger Rebecca Guinn CEO of LifeLine Animal Project provides tips on adopting a shelter pet.

How to Help Pets During Emergencies and Disasters

September is National Preparedness month. Most people know how to handle a human emergency but they don’t know how to help animals in trouble. They are ill equipped to assist hurt stray animals when they encounter them. They are clueless on how to save their pets when a natural disaster strikes. Luckily there are resources and kits to help with that.

Barkkit to Save Stray Animals

How Your Dog Reflects Your Personality!

There have been many scientific studies that link one's personality to a certain breed of dog. Also, that most choose a dog that resemble themselves.

If you are a dog owner, would you say the above is true? 

According to BuzzFeed, if you are...

Pet-Friendly Run to End Domestic Violence

Attention all dog lovers, runners, and anyone supporting the cause of ending domestic violence, Ahimsa House’s Walk Wag ’N Run event may be for you. This annual 5k run will take place Saturday August 23rd at Lenox Park in Buckhead at 7:30 a.m. The 1 mile Fun Run beginning at 8:45 a.m. Participants are encouraged to bring their dogs, but check out Ahimsa House’s website for details on restrictions and participation rules.

Which "People Food" You Should be Giving Your Pet

When it comes to our pets, our "fur-kids," most of us are cautious on what table food we give them, right? I'm sure you have heard of the common foods NOT to give your pets: chocolate, grapes and raisins can be poisonous to your cats and dogs. Also, onions can cause anemia which could be life-threatening.

This is What it Looks Like When Dogs Surf

Dogs can hang 10 just like the big kahunas. Ok that is my best attempt at surfer speak to share the story of how 50 dogs came together to compete in the Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog competition.

This is what it looks like when dogs surf - well they look like human surfers - just with four legs. They hold their own on boards and ride the waves.

Strange but Effective Ways to Help Pets Cope with Their Fear of Fireworks

When the fireworks go off on the fourth of July, don’t be surprised if your dogs or cats are not enthused. Our furry friends typically fear fireworks. The loud popping and exploding sounds freak them out. The smell of sulfur makes them anxious.

They are more likely to find a hiding place in the house or bolt off into the woods to get through the show than pull up a lawn chair to sit back and enjoy it.