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Get it? <em>Tails</em>

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What's in a Pet's Name?

In January, we added a pet to our family. Our son, who was 6 at the time, had been asking for a cat for a solid year. Finally, we headed to a local animal shelter and found Minnie, short for Minerva McGonagall, Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry whose animagus is a cat. (We’re Harry Potter fans.) It’s worth noting that our son had suggested “Minnie” and we jumped on it because we immediately associated it with Minerva. You can imagine the professor in her youth being called “Minnie,” too, right?

Here Kitty Kitty

Meet Zella, our completely unintentional cat. Last week Meg, my friend and neighbor, called to ask my advice about a very young kitten she spotted on the sidewalk. When I walked up with her to take a look I was shocked at how small the kitten was. Clearly too young to be away from her mother she appeared to be around four weeks old. After searching to no avail and waiting for her mom to return I decided to take her with me. I knew if we left her there she would more than likely not make it.

Small Dog People

I grew up in Connecticut with two Golden Retrievers and a Husky. The other dogs in our neighborhood included German Shepherds, Irish Setters, Great Danes and Labs of all colors. Among my friends and the friends of my parents we knew only one small dog, a white Poodle names Shem.

Over the years I made the following observations about small dog owners.

- They address their dogs using baby talk
- They are generally elderly or wear a lot of makeup
- They mingle with other small dog people
- They spend money on things like dog sweaters and strollers

Transport Day

Its 7:00 on a Saturday morning and I’m up feeding and walking dogs. In our house that’s no small task because at any given time there might be as many as five. No, I’m not a dog hoarder I'm a dog foster. In addition to our three “personal” dogs we also take in what I call “temporary” dogs. They are seldom with us longer than a month as they get medical care and make the transition from the streets or shelter to a home. These dogs have a dismal past but a promising future.

I Bought A Dog

One of the nice things about our studios here at GPB Macon is the large picture window in our newsroom. We have an open concept office so each of us has a great view of the comings and goings in Mercer Village. College students walk by on their way to classes, downtown employees come for lunch at the restaurant next door and people walk by holding puppies by the neck.

My Temporary Dog, Adventures in Fostering

This week I put Turnip on a transport van bound for Maine. A month ago I was picking him up at Macon Bibb County Animal Welfare and taking him home. Turnip, the name given to him in the shelter, spent a month in our home getting veterinary care, gaining weight and generally just learning how to be a dog.

The Empty Nest is Full of Fur

Do I wish my house had a little less dog fur? Yes. Would I give them up? Some days I joke about it but in reality they make our house more of a home.

Horses, Cows, Cats and Dogs: Protect Your Animals From The Bitter Cold

Since animals have fur, we assume they don't need protection from cold weather. They do! Plus the protective measures are easy to implement. Georgia’s Department of Agriculture offers these tips on how to protect your animals from frigid temperatures - whether they are horses, cows, cats or dogs. Here they are:

A Costume Party With Alpacas - Why Not?

Here’s your chance to trick-or-treat with alpacas this Halloween weekend. Yes you can do that!

The Royal Alpaca Challenge is hosting a trick-or-treat, costume contest and obstacle course competition starting at noon on Saturday, November 1 at the International Horse Park in Conyers.

How To Adopt Your New Pet From A Local Animal Shelter

The Bibb Animal Shelter in Macon is scrambling to find homes for their animals following a quarantine which was recently lifted. If you are interested in adopting a pet, head to the shelter's website. In this post, guest blogger Rebecca Guinn CEO of LifeLine Animal Project provides tips on adopting a shelter pet.