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Football Fridays in Georgia: What Matthew Left Behind (The Long Version)

As part of GPB Sports coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, cameraman Shane Keating and Jon Nelson went down to the coast to see about recovery efforts shortly after the storm cleared.

Here are the interviews, unedited and raw, of all the subjects and subject matter on the coast:

Football Fridays in Georgia Podcast: The One About The Finals

It's the last "Football Fridays in Georgia" podcast for the 2016 playoffs...

Don't worry, we'll do other stuff... it's just that there aren't any more games to talk about next week...

Jon and Tommy discuss the finals from the Georgia Dome and what to take forward for the 2017 season... It's 8 championships and one of the wildest seasons going forward...

Some Dome Thoughts

​The 2016 GHSA Prep football Champions have been crowned and the Georgia Dome has seen its last GHSA title tilts. The 2017 championship games will be played elsewhere and the word is that they will be played next door to the Georgia Dome at the Atlanta Falcons new Mercedes Benz Stadium. Looking ahead to next year after what we Prep Football fans got to see over the two days last weekend seems fruitless at this point in time. There were some great games played and the turf at the Dome was graced with some outstanding talent.

When The End Is The Beginning...

It was one of the weirdest, longest, shortest years in high school football here in the state- if that makes any sense…

And here’s what I mean by that…

Two hurricanes, a forest fire, reclassification, realignment, and a season that started with a sprint in August is done in mid-December before we know it…

This is my official shout-out to everyone and what you have done this year- 421 football playing schools are now on the clock for 2017.

Roll out the Red Carpet at the Georgia Dome… Your Recruiting Guide to the GHSA Finals on GPB

There will be 16 teams from all over the state competing for eight state championships on GPB starting Friday morning and finishing sometime around midnight Saturday. But even if you have no rooting interest in any of those 16 teams, just watching all the future big-time college and NFL talent should be compelling enough.

Football Fridays in Georgia Podcast: The One About the Finals

It's the podcast where Tommy Palmer joins Jon and Jackie for a discussion of the 8 title games at the Georgia Dome...

It's 8 games in 38 hours on Georgia Public Broadcasting. There are teams chasing titles for the first time and folks who have been there for title runs every year (it seems, anyway)...

Here's your preview...

The Grand Finale

The GHSA state championships for football are right around the corner. There are 16 teams left on the road to the Georgia Dome and by late Saturday night all eight champions for 2016 will be crowned.

GPB Sports is looking forward to broadcasting all eight games. For us it’s a little like Christmas, a little like New Years, and a little like a birthday celebration.

We will kick off our coverage each day at 10:00 am, so feel free to have breakfast at the championships with us both days.

Friday’s lineup looks like this:

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We’re here…

Although, I would forever maintain that this was the fastest football season to go by in a LONG time. I asked a lot of friends that you know as well, Faithful Reader, and they agree that is was just IN FACT July.

The last eight games of the year are here and those of us at GPB have the privilege of putting them all on the air in a 38-hour span- starting Friday morning at 10 and ending Saturday night around midnight or so..

To celebrate, this thought came into my head this morning…

Prep Titles and the End of an Era

The Georgia Dome will always be a special place for me. I think back over past Prep football seasons and the amazing confines of the Dome always seem to come to mind. I have broadcast my Statewide “Georgia High School Scoreboard Radio Show,” live from there on occasion, and I’ve also been fortunate to be a part of Statewide Radio Network broadcasts through the years as well.

Battle for Gwinnett and State Championship Game Friday on GPB

Sometimes when you talk to the folks involved it’s hard to tell which is bigger…Gwinnett County football supremacy or a spot in the AAAAAAA State Championship Game? The winner will get both Friday night when the top-ranked Grayson Rams play host to the second-ranked Mill Creek Hawks in the state semi-finals on GPB.