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Cheer, shoot, score, win!

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HOW big is this rivalry?

Big. Apparently.

I had a chance to meet both head coaches this week: Philip Jones of Brookwood and Eric Godfree of Parkview. The interesting thing about both of these coaches is that they both played at their respective programs. So if anyone knows about the intensity of this rivalry, it would be them.

They both admit that the rivalry is not what it once was. Both coaches have returned to their roots to get their programs back to what they were in the glory days. For Brookwood, they own two state titles: 1996, 2010 while Parkview owns four: 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002.

The Battle of Five Forks Trickum on GPB

There was a time when “The Battle of Five Forks Trickum” was THE game of the year in the state of Georgia. That’s the nickname for the Brookwood vs. Parkview rivalry which will be played for the 35th time Friday night. That’s every year since 1982. Five Forks Trickum is the road that links the six miles between the two Gwinnett County rivals. Now the rivalry’s is back and you can see it on GPB.

Football Fridays in Georgia Podcast: Week 9 (Or is it week 10?)

It's another week for Jon and Jackie to talk everything high school football (and some pro as well since Jon is better than Jackie in fantasy still) in the state of Georgia... looking back at the week that was and looking ahead to the week that will be...

Guests include:

Grayson head football coach Jeff Herron
Grayson two-way stud Breon Dixon
Parkview head coach Eric Godfree
Brookwood head coach Philip Jones and
Camden County head coach Welton Coffey previews GPB Sports coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew...

A Great State Rivalry

This week on Football Fridays in Georgia we will broadcast one of the best rivalries in the state. The Battle of Five Forks Trickum, as the 5-2 Parkview Panthers take on the 5-2 Broncos of Brookwood in a huge game in Region 7, 7A.

This will be the 35th meeting between these two schools that are just five miles apart in Gwinnett County. The Panthers the pride of Lilburn, Georgia, has won 4 state titles, in 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2003 and the Broncos of Snellville, Georgia who won state championships in 1996 and again in 2010.

What Matthew Left Behind...

When you travel down Interstate 95 south to the Florida border, you really don’t see Hurricane Matthew’s effects until you hit mile marker 36 or so…

That’s when you see your first blue tarp on top of a hotel that is in real need of repair.

Then, you see the overflowing marshland- which, according to GPB cameraman Shane Keating, is a part of the process. They self-police themselves and make everything as normal as it was before. The trees that aren’t attached and are more linked to roads and overhanging them are what you see next…

“And Then There Were None”

There are many Regions in this state that are brutal when it comes to playing through a schedule where there seems to be no rest for the weary. In the state’s smallest classification, Region 2-A is named the Region of doom for good reason. In that Region alone there is defending Class A Public Champion Clinch County, perennial powers Charlton County, Irwin County, Wilcox County (although the Patriots are enduring a down year), and then add improving Telfair County and Turner County to the list of playoff contenders and one can see that’s a difficult Region schedule to play through.

Week in Review

Coaches like Starbucks too!

Sorry that we weren’t able to make it down to Colquitt County, y’all. Hurricane Matthew altered our plans… But don’t fret! We’re coming down on October 28 for homecoming!

Before everything changed, I was chatting with Rush Propst about, ya know… football.

But the best thing I learned about the back-to-back state champion head coach, the Head Packer himself… is that he loves Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos (heavy on the caramel, btw).

I mean, that’s just too good not to share. So, you’re welcome.

Archer at Grayson on GPB. See the Team Everybody’s been Talking About!

There’s never been a team like the 2016 Grayson Rams and you get to see them for yourselves Friday night on GPB when they host the Archer Tigers. There’s never been a team like them and there’s plenty of people in the state who hope there will NEVER be another team like them again. The Rams might win the state championship this year. There are a lot of people pulling against them.

Football Fridays in Georgia Podcast: Week 8 (Or is it week 9?)

It's another round of the "Football Fridays in Georgia" podcast where Jon and Jackie talk fantasy football- and Jackie announces her starting QB for the rest of the season. They also talk the week that was- including McEachern and North Cobb, Hurricane Matthew, and the week that will be... including a little Archer and Grayson...

Guests this week include...

McEachern head football coach Kyle Hockman
McEachern QB Bailey Hockman
McEachern RB Paris Brown
Grayson head coach Jeff Herron

Back Under Those Friday Night Lights!

Due to the aftermath of the hurricane, this week’s Football Fridays in Georgia on GPB shifts from the Camden County at Colquitt County game in Moultrie, Georgia, to the Archer Tigers at Grayson Rams game, in Loganville, Georgia.

South Georgia, don’t worry, GPB Sports will be coming your way in a couple weeks to televise the Lowndes Vikings at Colquitt County game.