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Inventure Prize: A New Kind of Science Fair

Tonight is the night that the Inventure Prize winner will be chosen in a live competition show at Georgia Tech, broadcasted by GPB at 7PM. You can watch and encourage your students to watch online and join in the chat discussion, too.

Take a Dip into History: Find Family Fun this Labor Day

In 1921, an aristocratic up-and-coming young New York politician, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, contracted polio. Fearing his political future over, and desperate for a cure, FDR journeyed to Warm Springs, GA., on the advice of his friend, George Foster Peabody. There, FDR found the naturally soothing mineral water helpful in his physical therapy. FDR purchased the property and turned it into a polio treatment center. Eventually, FDR reentered politics and was elected, first Governor of New York, then four times President of the United States.

We’re Back With Episode Two Of On The Campaign Trail

On the Campaign Trail with Bill Nigut is back with its second episode, My Government, My Vote, My Voice. In this episode, Bill discusses the topic of democracy and provides insight on the difference between representative and parliamentary democracies and their overall contrast to autocracies and oligarchies.

Bullying Prevention = Empowered Students

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, approximately 1 in 3 students in the United States say they have been bullied at school, with verbal and social bullying being the most pervasive. Because bullying impacts such a large part of the country’s youth, October is recognized as Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. The purpose of this month is twofold: to acknowledge that bullying has a lasting impact and to educate people about bullying prevention.

RoboPandamonium! Building a Robotics Program at Vineville Academy

Everyone loves LEGOs! And when you add the word ‘Robotics’ - students will beg to be on the team! Having coached 8 teams in the last 4 years, I can attest to it. They. Will. Beg. When Vineville Academy of the Arts decided to start a robotics team, there was a great deal of excitement but very few knew what FIRST LEGO League was.

EdTech Tips: Webbing With Weebly!

The students that we are teaching today will have jobs that don’t even exist yet because the face of technology is ever changing. In order to make sure that we have students who are ready for this level of change, it is essential to teach them how to use technology in a real-world application. Weebly affords that chance to both students and teachers by allowing users to host their own free websites.  Weebly’s easy-to-use platform allows people of any skill level to become website builders.

School Spotlight: Vineville Academy Of The Arts

From the moment I walked through the doors at Vineville Academy of the Arts, I knew there was something special. Soft classical music was playing in the lobby. Sayings like, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” decorated the walls. Principal Kristy Graham was greeting each student by name as they smiled and hurried off to class, excited to start their day. 

No Cost STEM Professional Development Opportunity

On Thursday, October 1, Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content for K-12 classrooms, and West Georgia RESA will host the Discovery Education STEM Academy, a no-cost professional development opportunity for over 100 area educators to explore S

GPB Celebrates Sesame Street’s 45th Anniversary

Join Georgia Public Broadcasting on Saturday, September 26, 2015 for a special event celebrating the world’s most watched children’s television show: Sesame Street! Enjoy crafts, laughs, and learning inspired by the beloved show.

Virtual Field Trip: Deserts And Grasslands Of Africa

Grades: 3-8

Subjects: Science and Geography