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Inventure Prize: A New Kind of Science Fair

Tonight is the night that the Inventure Prize winner will be chosen in a live competition show at Georgia Tech, broadcasted by GPB at 7PM. You can watch and encourage your students to watch online and join in the chat discussion, too.

Take a Dip into History: Find Family Fun this Labor Day

In 1921, an aristocratic up-and-coming young New York politician, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, contracted polio. Fearing his political future over, and desperate for a cure, FDR journeyed to Warm Springs, GA., on the advice of his friend, George Foster Peabody. There, FDR found the naturally soothing mineral water helpful in his physical therapy. FDR purchased the property and turned it into a polio treatment center. Eventually, FDR reentered politics and was elected, first Governor of New York, then four times President of the United States.

Virtual Field Trip Series: Behind the Scenes

The GPB education team is on the road again! We are traveling all over Georgia to gather content for our upcoming Virtual Field Trip series. We understand how important it is for students to learn about our rich state history and culture. As it becomes increasingly difficult for teachers to take students on class field trips due to the high cost of transportation and high demand for limited instruction time, virtual field trips have become an appealing alternative.

Getting Back to School in the Best Frame of Mind!

June is a memory, and July is quickly fading away. With the start of August, one thing is on everyone’s mind: BACK TO SCHOOL! Starting back to school means different things to different people. Parents are looking forward to the structure that comes with their children’s school days.

I Flipped my Classroom the Hard Way - But You Don’t Have To!

I began creating my flipped classroom in 2009. The way I did it was to build over 500 online learning tools that students interact with at their own pace. Most of this work is done in the classroom with me, but sometimes they also work from home.

Top 5 EdTech Tips: Socrative


Celebrate 45 Years with Sesame Street at Tellus Science Museum!


Top 10 EdTech Tips: Seesaw

Seesaw is an online learning journal that gives students the ability to digitally showcase what they are learning about in school. Here are five facts about Seesaw that will help you use it in your classroom.

Camp Google: A New Summer Camping Experience for Kids

Get ready for a new kind of summer camping experience with Camp Google! This new month-long online science camp for kids begins July 13. According to their website, “Camp Google is a free camp for kids, full of fun science activities and adventures led by experts. Everyone is welcome and you can jump in anytime.” The program is four weeks long, and each week is broken up into different themes — ocean, space, nature, and music. Those who participate can earn badges for each week they complete.

The Alliance Theatre Showcases Student Talent with the Palefsky Collision Project

Thanks to the Alliance Theatre, rigor in the arts is alive and well during the summer. Every year the theatre invites twenty talented, high school students from around metro Atlanta to participate in the Palefsky Collision Project. This program provides a rich environment where students are given the opportunity to “collide” with theatre through the exploration of a classic text. Using this text, students synthesize information, evaluate its themes and collaborate with their peers to create and perform an authentic theatrical piece inspired by the selected content.