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Inventure Prize: A New Kind of Science Fair

Tonight is the night that the Inventure Prize winner will be chosen in a live competition show at Georgia Tech, broadcasted by GPB at 7PM. You can watch and encourage your students to watch online and join in the chat discussion, too.

Take a Dip into History: Find Family Fun this Labor Day

In 1921, an aristocratic up-and-coming young New York politician, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, contracted polio. Fearing his political future over, and desperate for a cure, FDR journeyed to Warm Springs, GA., on the advice of his friend, George Foster Peabody. There, FDR found the naturally soothing mineral water helpful in his physical therapy. FDR purchased the property and turned it into a polio treatment center. Eventually, FDR reentered politics and was elected, first Governor of New York, then four times President of the United States.

Fun for the Fourth!

I can hardly contain my excitement for the Fourth of July. On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress declared their freedom from Great Britain by adopting the Declaration of Independence. Today, we commemorate this historic event with fireworks and barbecues, but it is also a great time to incorporate fun lessons on its historical significance. Here are ten activities that will help your children understand why we celebrate this important day in our nation’s history. 

GA Teacher Honored at 2015 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator Summit in Philadelphia

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend two days in Philadelphia at the PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator Summit with some inspiring and remarkable teachers from across the nation. For three years, PBS Learning Media has honored teachers who are truly leading the digital learning movement in their districts, schools, and classrooms by bestowing them with the title Digital Innovators.

Sound Safety for Summer

Add some earplugs to the summer safety kit and your ears will thank you!

EdTech: iPad Lab at Woodstock Elementary

Why can’t learning be FUN? As an adult, I work collaboratively with my team, we ask questions, we make mistakes, we try again, and we have fun together but guess what…I learn while I’m doing these things. This approach is what I try to bring into my classroom with me each day.

Top 10 Kindergarten Transition Tips!

In the past two years, both of my daughters have transitioned into Kindergarten. As a parent, it was both emotional and stressful for them and for me. Having lived through two straight years of it, I can share with you 10 tips that will make the transition a smooth one:

1. Visit the School

Top 5 EdTech Tips: Padlet

Padlet is an online, customizable, wall that allows teachers and students to post information on whatever topic they choose. This tool is completely free, with an extremely user-friendly interface. Here are five facts about Padlet that may help you seamlessly integrate it into your classroom:

How to Effectively Collaborate with Fellow Educators

The saying, “There are just not enough hours in the day,” especially rings true for educators. You have papers to grade, lesson plans to post and, contrary to your students’ beliefs, a personal life.

Top 5 EdTech Tips: Schoology

Teachers are having to adjust how we teach and what our classrooms look like in order to reach this technology-driven generation of students. With this comes a bombarding of technological resources that teachers have to sift through to determine what will work with their students. Schoology is a learning management system that may help teachers take their curriculum to a digital platform.

Here are 5 ways that Schoology can be used in classrooms:

1. Post Classroom Materials