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Trends and topics for educators and students

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Inventure Prize: A New Kind of Science Fair

Tonight is the night that the Inventure Prize winner will be chosen in a live competition show at Georgia Tech, broadcasted by GPB at 7PM. You can watch and encourage your students to watch online and join in the chat discussion, too.

Take a Dip into History: Find Family Fun this Labor Day

In 1921, an aristocratic up-and-coming young New York politician, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, contracted polio. Fearing his political future over, and desperate for a cure, FDR journeyed to Warm Springs, GA., on the advice of his friend, George Foster Peabody. There, FDR found the naturally soothing mineral water helpful in his physical therapy. FDR purchased the property and turned it into a polio treatment center. Eventually, FDR reentered politics and was elected, first Governor of New York, then four times President of the United States.

Share The Meaning Of Memorial Day

Originally called Decoration Day, the first national celebration of Memorial Day took place on May 30, 1868. When it become a federal holiday, it was given the floating date of the last Monday in May. Memorial Day was initiated to honor the soldiers who died during the American Civil War and was expanded to include the deceased veterans of the American forces.

Over the years, traditions have emerged to mark the holiday. Here are some of the most common traditions in the United States:

Purposeful Professional Development

Georgia’s professional development paradigm is shifting. Gone are the days of an entire faculty sitting through eight hours of generic training. The new focus is on personalized, relevant, and useful professional learning that is both measurable and engaging for teachers. 
With this new shift in approach in mind, here is a list of summer professional development opportunities across the state: 
Free Professional Development for Georgia Teachers 
South Georgia K12 EdTech Workshops
July 13-14, 2016 

Dive Into Shark Week With This Classroom Collection

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is back for its 29th year! Even though this thrilling week doesn’t start until June 26, you can still explore instructional content and resources to pique your students’ interests before they head home for summer vacation. Shark Week provides an exciting way to introduce students to important topics including biodiversity, ocean conservation, and, of course, sharks.

Summer Enrichment: Programs To Keep Kids Engaged

Having children participate in summer programs is an excellent way for them to remain productive during the time they are not in school. They can also build life-long skills, easily adapt to new environments, and develop their social skills. Here is a list of camps you may want to consider enrolling your kids over the next couple of months:

High Museum of Art

Atlanta, Georgia

Classroom Resources To Support Premiere Of GENIUS By Stephen Hawking

A new six-part science series, GENIUS by Stephen Hawking, will air on GPB Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. starting May 18 and continuing through June 1. Commissioned by PBS with National Geographic as its international broadcast partner, the series will be presented and narrated by renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.

Georgia's Academe Of The Oaks Receives Green Flag Award

On April 22, 2016, this year’s Earth Day, Eco-Schools USA and the National Wildlife Federation presented Academe of the Oaks, Atlanta’s only Waldorf high school, with their highest honor, the Green Flag award.

PBS Presents Free iBooks For Teachers

Educators are always looking for new and innovative ways to instruct and inspire their students. This is especially true in a world where students are technologically savvy and driven by media available via computers, cell phones, and tablets.

'Feed My School For A Week' Adds Eight More Schools!

According to the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA), 37 percent of our state’s children are overweight and have the potential to suffer from ailments such as diabetes or high blood pressure by the time they reach adulthood.

In an effort to help fix this issue and alleviate some of the obstacles schools face when attempting to provide healthy food options, the GDA and the state Department of Education implemented the Georgia Grown Feed My School for a Week program in 2011.