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Hi! I’m meteorologist Chrissy Warrilow. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved learning – and talking – about the weather. With 159 counties and a myriad of microclimates, Georgia experiences a large variety of meteorological phenomena. Come join the conversation! Together, we can “talk up a storm” and explore Georgia’s weather.

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Tropical Disturbances, Depressions, and Storms: Oh My!

Author's note: Due to the early start to the Hurricane Season this year, I thought it would be a great time to re-post this entry. Enjoy, and Happy Memorial Day! ~ Chrissy

This Week In Georgia Weather - April 30th

As we round through April and head straight into May, the thermometer will continue to rise higher and higher and signal the coming season of Summer. A weak upper-level trough will trigger some thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday, though the chance of rain throughout the state will remain slim. Unfortunately, the hot, dry conditions will only exacerbate the drought in place over the southeastern United States. Tell me, how are you planning to celebrate summer? And with the drought in place, what tricks have you developed to conserve water yet keep your garden or lawn green?

Looking Back at April 27, 2011

On the anniversary of significant weather events, it is difficult not to look back and ponder Mother Nature's appetite for destruction. From the Blizzard of '93 to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, weather continues to impact our society on a nation-wide scale. The severe weather event that took place on April 27, 2011 is no different. On this one year anniversary, it is important to look back and remember the significance of the event.

Severe Weather Outlook

This Week In Georgia Weather - April 16th

Over one hundred tornadoes touched down over the nation's heartland last weekend, and the same weather system that spawned the twisters is headed our way. Luckily, the system has lost most of its severe weather punch, though a few strong thunderstorms may develop over the mountainous areas. The good news with this system is that most of the state will receive much needed rainfall - the best precipitation chances occur on Tuesday and Wednesday, though rain is in the forecast through Thursday afternoon.

Warmest March On Record

It’s half-way into April, but the air temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees cooler than they were last month!!! Check out the readings from throughout the state during one of the warmest spring months on record.

Peachtree City record temperatures

Data courtesy of the NWS Weather Forecast Office in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Jacksonville record temperatures

This Week In Georgia Weather - April 9th

Goodbye, summer temperatures and hello, spring! The abnormally early heat wave broke, and now we are experiencing pleasantly cool temperatures. We will even see overnight-lows dip into the 20's and 30's for some areas of the state, so be sure to protect your sensitive plants if you went ahead and put them in the ground. Precipitation-wise, very little rain is expected to fall this week, and so the southern drought will continue.

Scouts: Earn Your Weather Merit Badge!

During my free time, I am honored to volunteer as a Weather Merit Badge Counselor to the local Cub, Boy, and Girl Scouts. For the past few years, I have taught the Weather Merit Badge at various Boy Scout Jamborees, and I have guided Cub Scouts towards the completion of their Weather Pins. As part of the journey of earning the badge, the Scouts and I discuss the different types of severe weather in Georgia, and how the weather alerts reach the public. Below are examples of some of their requirements and the information they learn while fulfilling the activity.

This Week In Georgia Weather - April 2nd

Is it April or is it August? It's easy to confuse the two as 80 degree temperatures dominate the first half of the week. In fact, Atlanta set a record high temperature of 87 degrees on Tuesday, April 3rd. Luckily, a slight cooling trend will occur just in time for the holiday weekend.

This Week In Georgia Weather - March 26th

Goodbye winter and hello spring! Although it will feel much warmer than spring in many areas of Georgia this week as high pressure continues to give us the beautiful, almost summer-like weather.

Temperatures will remain in the 70's for much of the state, although south Georgia cities like Albany, Moultrie, and Valdosta may see the thermometer reach 80 by Friday. Overnight lows will be in the 50's for most of the state, 40's for the mountainous areas.

Tune Into The InVenture Prize at Georgia Tech!

While I usually keep an eye on the skies in this blog, today I'm focusing on superstar students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Out of 150 teams, 6 groups have been chosen as the finalists in The InVenture Prize at Georgia Tech! I had a chance to interview each of the teams, and I am blown away by their creativity and ingenuity.