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When Georgia Howled

Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Atlanta History Center have partnered to produce the gripping new documentary “When Georgia Howled: Sherman on the March,” premiering Thursday, September 10 at 8 p.m. on GPB Television. The program is the companion documentary to their Emmy-winning collaboration "37 Weeks: Sherman on the March,” a series of 90-second segments that premiered in April 2014 and commemorated the 150th anniversary of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman’s 1864 march into Georgia.

John Portman: A Life Of Building

Once a maverick who was nearly run out of the American Institute of Architects, John Portman is now recognized as one of the most innovative and imitated architects ever.

Georgia Traveler

This season of Georgia Traveler is the most exciting yet! From mountains to the coast, we capture the luxuries, wonders and hidden destinations of Georgia.

Civil War Treasures

This program was filmed as part of The Civil War: America’s Long Struggle event hosted by the National Archives at Atlanta in the spring of 2011.

Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel

GPB explores the life and work of the captivating and complex Margaret Mitchell, the woman behind the incredible story Gone with the Wind.

Chattahoochee: From Water War to Water Vision

This documentary will educate viewers on the complex issues that face us when it comes to one of our most precious natural resources: water.

Prime Time Politics

Prime Time Politics provides in-depth analysis you expect from GPB. The show is a weekly journalist roundtable hosted by WSB's Scott Slade.

The Green Island Radio Show

The Green Island Radio Show features the very best Irish and Celtic music, with host Harry O'Donoghue.

on GPB Radio Wednesday 10-11pm and Sunday 9-10pm.

Savannah Music Festival LIVE

Savannah Music Festival LIVE is a weekly program featuring performances from the last five years of Georgia's largest musical arts event.

on GPB Radio Monday 10-11pm and Sunday 8-9pm.

Georgia Cooks

Georgia Cooks connects Georgians with their roots – Georgia Grown® food sources and products, featured in homespun Southern recipes.