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GPB Radio — Day Sponsorship Program

How to Become a GPB Radio Day Sponsor

With a membership donation of $365 or more on a credit card, donors may choose to "sponsor" a day, in which a personal message of their choosing will be read five times on the air on the date of their choice, provided that no other donor has already reserved that date. If your date is unavailable please have a second choice in mind. Donors must call 800-222-4788 with their contribution and request their first and second dates of their choice (this opportunity is not available through contributions on our website). Donations must be a one-time one time payment only on a credit card. No installments please. We accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or Discover.

Description of GPB’s Day Sponsorship Program

The donor will receive five (5) on-air credits on a single day. Donors may choose the date of their Day Sponsorship, provided no other donor has already reserved that day. Only one Day Sponsorship is available per day. To ensure adequate schedule and production time dates must be requested at least 14 calendar days in advance. We are currently accepting Day Sponsorship messages to air through March 31, 2013.

Eligibility for Day Sponsorship Messages

Day Sponsorship messages are a form of special recognition available solely to individual donors. Day Sponsorships are non-transferable and may not be donated to a third party. GPB does not accept anonymous Day Sponsorships. Day Sponsorships must be used within one year of GPB's receipt of the qualifying contribution.

Requirements for Day Sponsorship Messages

Messages must conform to GPB's Day Sponsorship format. All messages must begin, "Support for GPB comes from our Day Sponsor" followed by the first and last name of the person or persons who made the contribution and a message. Day Sponsorship messages will be no longer than 15 seconds when read in an even and unhurried manner. GPB reserves the right of final approval for all Day Sponsorship messages.

Day Sponsorship Messages Must Be Personal in Nature

Day Sponsorship messages may NOT include promotional, commercial or controversial messages of any kind. Language referencing political campaigns, candidacies or legislation will not be accepted. Because Day Sponsorship messages are intended to be personal, messages may not include any information that implies a "call to action" from our listening audience. Therefore, Day Sponsorship messages may not include contact information of any kind (for example: addresses, phone numbers, or web addresses) or the dates, times or locations of any event.

Day Sponsorships may not be used to promote businesses. Businesses interested in sponsoring GPB’s programs are encouraged to contact GPB’s Corporate Support toll-free at 877-472-7951.

Any questions regarding GPB’s Day Sponsorship Program should be directed to Joneise White,, 404-685-2521.

Submitting your Sponsorship Request

To become a GPB Radio Day Sponsor, call 800-222-4788 with your contribution of $365 on a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Contributions must be one-time only payments (no installments please.) Call and say that you’d like to become a GPB Radio Day Sponsor and give your first and second choice of dates. You will receive a call from our membership staff who will provide further details and assist you in the process.

You may also contact Joneise White,, 404-685-2521.

Sample Day Sponsorship Messages

A Day Sponsor message may be a simple statement of sponsorship or include a dedication or personal message. The following are examples of acceptable Day Sponsorship messages:

• “Support for GPB comes from our Day Sponsor. Jeffrey Thomas.”

• “Support for GPB comes from our Day Sponsor, Mary Thomas, in celebration of the birthday of Frederick Thomas."

• “Support for GPB comes from our Day Sponsor, George Johnson, in honor of his son, Mark Johnson, who graduates from college today.”

• “Support for GPB comes from our Day Sponsor, John Caldwell, in appreciation of GPB's contribution to life here in Georgia.”

• “Support for GPB comes from our Day Sponsors, John and Susan Scott, in celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary.”

• “Support for GPB comes from our Day Sponsors, Bob and Judith Christiansen, in memory of Doris Christiansen.”