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Vientos del Pueblo

Vientos del Pueblo means "winds of the people," a name taken from a popular tune in South America. Created by musicians who came to Atlanta from Central and South America in the early 1990s, the group performs music from the great cultural and historical traditions of the Andes. Because of the group's diversity, it also performs with a fusion of styles, flavored by rhythms from Africa, South America and Europe.

Vientos del Pueblo is led by charango player Mauricio Amaya. He is accompanied by Christian Zamora, who plays a variety of instruments, including the pan flute and rain stick. Christian's brother Ramiro Zamora serves as lead vocalist and bass guitarist. Siobhan Brennan, the only North American and the only woman in the group, performs on acoustic guitar. Francisco Luque is the multi-faceted percussionist, and the newest member of the band, John Zorrilla, plays a variety of instruments, including many indigenous flutes.

The musicians of Vientos del Pueblo have performed before enthusiastic audiences throughout Georgia and recently stopped by our GPB studios to play some of their favorite songs.

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