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Swamp Gravy

Swamp Gravy, Georgia's official folk life play, entertains audiences daily in the small town of Colquitt, Georgia. Named after a regional culinary specialty, the play blends comedy, drama and music into a different story each year. Running for three weeks in the fall and spring, Swamp Gravy combines stories from local residents with musical numbers and show-stopping performances. Eighty volunteer performers, who range in age from four to 80, act out happenings in Colquitt's history for tourists coming to enjoy the show.

In the spring of 2005, Swamp Gravy featured Down at the Depot. The performance focused on stories about the old train depot on the outskirts of town. The depot is no longer standing, but many stories about it still survive today. The show revolves around the depot manager and his family, with the engineer and dozens of supporting characters re-enacting moments that happened around the depot.
To find out more about Swamp Gravy visit their website.