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George Skaroulis – Pianist

George Skaroulis began playing the piano at the age of five without formal training in either music theory or notation. He showed a fascination for music as he sat on the piano bench next to his mother while she played classical pieces and would often improvise and play along. Recognizing his interest and natural talent, his parents encouraged piano lessons. In five weeks, the lessons were over. The teacher could only be fooled for a short while and soon realized "little George" was playing the lessons by ear.

Today Skaroulis is fast earning a reputation as one of the best pianists in contemporary instrumental music – and he still plays by ear! With several internationally distributed albums to his credit, Skaroulis' music is effortless and emotionally uplifting. He fuses classical, New Age, and Mediterranean influences to produce a fresh new sound. The composer for State of the Arts, Skaroulis creates works that are timeless, marking his compositions with his own distinct ambient style.

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