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SCAD: Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design opened in Savannah, Georgia in 1978 with just a few dozen students. Today SCAD has an enrollment of 7,000 and a mission to prepare students for careers in the visual and performing arts, design, the building arts, and the history of art and architecture. Along with helping students prepare for successful careers in the arts, the college also emphasizes learning through individual attention in a supportive environment. Providing an arts education in a unique environment is a hallmark of the Savannah College of Art and Design; SCAD purchases rundown historic buildings around Savannah and restores them, creating classroom buildings and historical significance. Another unique atmosphere SCAD offers is its campus in the south of France. The Lacoste campus is set in a medieval town with a population of 300 people, and it provides the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a culture very different from their own.

In 2005, SCAD opened a campus in Atlanta, offering courses in many of the subjects currently taught in Savannah. Located in the old IXL building, SCAD is already exploring other areas of Atlanta to expand. The college recently purchased the 1883 Peter's House in Midtown Atlanta, continuing its trend of buying and preserving historic homes. To find out about enrollment or see what else the college has to offer, go to their website.