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Savannah Music Festival: Steep Canyon Rangers Bluegrass Band

The Savannah Music Festival has grown to be world-class over the last 5 years, with nearly 100 concerts spread throughout the city over 17 days in late March and early April. This year the Charles H. Morris Center was inaugurated in a site dating from 1733 and one of the nation’s top new bluegrass groups was chosen to launch the venue. The Steep Canyon Rangers are a creative bunch of young guys who write their own music but are steeped in the traditions of the past.

The Rangers include : Graham Sharp (banjo, lead and harmony vocals), Woody Platt (guitar and lead vocals), Charles R. Humphrey III (bass and harmony vocals), Mike Guggino (mandolin and harmony vocals), & Nicky Sanders (fiddle and harmony vocals). Constant touring, intense rehearsing, and most importantly, creative songwriting, sets them apart from the field.

In 2006 the International Bluegrass Music Association voted Steep Canyon Rangers the Emerging Artist of the Year.

Savannah Music Festival

7:00PAre You Being Served?

Strong Stuff This Insurance

7:30PAre You Being Served?

The Apartment

8:00PKeeping Up Appearances

How To Go On Holiday Without Really Trying

8:30PKeeping Up Appearances

The Rolls Royce

9:00PAs Time Goes By

Animal Magnetism

9:30PAs Time Goes By

The Bathroom

10:00PMoone Boy