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Eugenia Price – Novelist

Eugenia Price's inspirational books, novels and autobiographies captured the nation and then the world, but what captured Price was her second home, Georgia. Born in 1916 in Charleston, West Virginia, Price spent most of her early days leaping from college to college, yet never earning a bachelor's degree. At 23 she joined the NBC family to write daytime soap serials. Over the next few years she opened her own production company and continued to write serials and broadcast radio shows in Chicago. After earning acclaim as an inspirational speaker and writer through her radio broadcasts, Price took a trip that would affect the rest of her life.

On her way from West Virginia to Florida to give a speech about her latest novel, Price stopped over at St. Simon's Island. She immediately fell in love with the island and stayed there to begin her first works of historical fiction. After writing the St. Simon's Trilogy, Price continued to set most of her novels in the landscapes of Georgia and Florida.

Her love affair with the island led to a commitment to the care and upkeep of its unique and beautiful landscape. Price fought to keep the island's marshes, beaches, and wildlife from harm from industrial pollution and over-population. She also fought to maintain the historical sites.

Eugenia Price passed away in 1996, but her legacy lives on in her 39 books and in the imaginations she has touched with her words.

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